15 Best Online Education Majors to Pursue

Online education is growing by leaps and bounds. In the last five years, millions more students have begun signing up for course work online. With more and more students realizing that a degree can be highly accessible and attainable; the question for some is what online majors are the best to pursue. In order to pinpoint the best online education majors, it is valuable to look at the availability of programs, the need for professionals in the field, and the quality of online degree programs within that major. Here are ten of the best areas of study to complete online, separated by degree type.

Associate Degrees

1. Associate in Paralegal Studies

Law firms hire paralegals as employees, but many also contract with self-employed paralegals. This degree in law and litigation is a good preparation for further work on law degrees or to start a career in this growing field. The array of programs offering Paralegal Studies as a major is quite vast, so finding a program is not difficult. Because they have been offered for some time, the program design is usually very good and the quality of education very well prepares graduates for work in the field.

2. Associate’s Medical Assisting

Applied Healthcare degrees like an Associate’s in Medical Assistance are very smart moves right now. There are openings in many medical facilities for medical assistants. Online degree programs in this major are common and of good quality.

Bachelor Degrees

3. Bachelor’s of Business Administration

Named by some as the ‘all-purpose degree’, the Bachelor’s of Business Administration is a great foundational business degree. It is widely offered online and business degrees are the highest quality degree programs offered online across the board. Since there are so many businesses, there are many opportunities for graduates with a business degree.

4. Bachelor’s in Education

The field of education offers a chance for graduates to make a difference in the lives of children. There is a forecasted drop in the number of education graduates, so there will be openings in school positions. There are a number of online programs that offer education degrees online, so it is simple to get a bachelor’s in education via the internet.

5. Bachelor’s in Computer and Information Technology

The more connected the world becomes by computers and the internet; the more IT jobs will continue to grow and become even more available. Currently, businesses are pursuing those who have training in these areas. Online education is the perfect format for a degree in computers.

6. Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice

An undergraduate degree in criminal justice can open doors to a variety of jobs, from promotions in law enforcement to jobs in government agencies and the judicial system. Online CJ programs are numerous and well-established.

7. Bachelor’s in Nursing

Healthcare organizations of all kinds need qualified nurses, so graduates with a Bachelor’s in Nursing have plenty of options. Future nurses are able to keep lower paying positions in healthcare while pursuing nursing degrees with online degree programs.

8. Bachelor’s in Communications

Every type of business has communications needs. Graduates can get jobs in public relations, media, networking, and especially in social media, a hot specialization in communications right now. As the business implications of social media are constantly unfolding, more and more companies are hiring social media communications directors. Multi-media, online degree programs are available for students in this discipline.

9. Bachelor’s in Psychology

Social work is a field that is exploding. Psychology graduates have many options and can choose to launch a career or continue on at the graduate level with more online courses.

Master Degrees

10. Master’s in Business Administration

The workhorse of online degrees, the MBA is the most popular graduate degree offered via the internet. It is very flexible and highly customizable. MBA’s are offered online from traditional universities and fully online schools.

11. Master’s in Healthcare Management

Managing healthcare organizations is a big business that encompasses many special skill sets that bridge business and healthcare. Graduates can work in businesses related to the healthcare arena, private practices, hospital administration, insurance companies, and more.

12. Master’s in Informational Technology

Informational technology graduates form systems and networks that connect people globally or simply within a business structure. IT specialists are seeing some amazing opportunities for entrepreneurial ventures, providing businesses with cloud servers as well as traditional hardware networking.

13. Master’s in Computer Science

Computers make the world run. Practically everything, from your car to your coffee maker has a computer inside it. The graduates of online programs in computer science are the ones who make the computers run that run the world. It is a field which is not trending down, but evolving to meet the challenges of a technologically advancing world.

14. Master’s in Educational Technology

Also called Technology and Instruction, Educational Technology is the study of how to use technology to improve teaching and learning practices. An online education is an ideal way to study this topic, as students can see a microcosm of their studies in their own experience. As the prevalence of online schools continues to grow, this field will continue to open its arms to new graduates.

15. Master’s in Engineering

A graduate degree in engineering can help you earn promotions within the field or make a career move to a related field. There are many specializations in the engineering field, so online students can focus in on what they wish to do after graduation. The online format is great for busy professionals who want to further their education.