What is the Value of an Associate’s Degree? – Worth More than You Think

College is one of the very best ways to ensure that your future involves a long, successful career.  But no matter where you go, you’ll seem to encounter at least one or two people decrying college and saying that it’s a waste of time and money.  Many of them even claim that a basic two year associate’s degree is useless.  To put it bluntly, ignoring them is the best option.  One look at the data and it’s easy to see that college and an Associate’s Degree is well worth earning.

  • 90% of college graduates are employed as opposed to less than 70% of non-grads.
  • An associate’s degree will qualify you for a wide range of potions that you wouldn’t be able to assume with only a high school education.
  • You’ll earn a significant amount more thanks to your degree than you would without it.  The average is fifteen percent more per week than a non-graduate would earn.  That’s a big chunk of change.
  • And with your degree you’ll qualify for promotions more frequently.

An associate’s degree actually has a few advantages over a bachelor’s degree or graduate degrees.

  • It takes only two years to earn an associate’s degree.  That means that you’ll be finished with school and entering the job market far earlier than others.  And since you’re entering it sooner you’ll be building your career earlier.  It can lead to reaching your goals much quicker.
  • On average an associate’s degree costs eighty thousand dollars less than a bachelor’s degree and much less than grad level degrees.
  • It’s much easier to qualify for entrance into an associate’s degree program than it is a higher level of degree.
  • Online education options are more plentiful where associate’s degrees are concerned.  That means you’ll be more likely to take classes online and enjoy the convenience they offer.

It’s also important to realize that many of today’s top paying, most in-demand jobs actually only require an associate’s degree to enter.  These jobs pay between fifty and sixty thousand dollars on average and are all obtainable with nothing except your associate’s degree:

  • Registered Nurse
  • Medical Sonographer
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Nuclear Technician
  • Computer Technician
  • Computer Specialist
  • Radiation  Therapist
  • And more

In other words, your two year associate’s degree that costs eighty grand less than a bachelor’s degree can land you one of the country’s best jobs right out of college.  That’s a big deal no matter how you look at it.

With all that in mind, it’s still important that you take a look the fact that your associate’s degree’s worth will vary depending on a few things.  Remember the following to ensure you actually get the best degree:

  • The subject of study that you major in will greatly influence your degree’s worth.  A degree focused on one of the subjects listed above, for instance, is much more useful than a degree in art appreciation or something similar.  Choose a career that interests you, but one that will actually have a future or else your degree simply won’t be worth as much.
  • You need to also ensure that you enroll in classes from a college that is respected and fully accredited.  Earning a degree from a non-accredited school is the biggest mistake that you can make and will give you an associate’s degree that isn’t worth as much as you may think.

If you’ll keep those two points in mind, you’ll be able to earn a degree that will reward you throughout the rest of your life.  An associate’s degree is an excellent way to enter the job market and build a career, and it’s one of the best investments of time, energy, and money that you can make.