What is the Value of an MITx Degree from MIT? – Learning More

Some time ago, MIT led the charge into the world of open learning by making a huge number of lectures and classes available for free online. Anyone who wanted to could log in and start watching videos and learning more about any subject, usually through filmed lectures of the school’s professors.  Today, the MITx program is the next logical step forward.  What is the MITx program?

  • Essentially, this system utilizes interactive online classes to impart knowledge.  Students will actually be working with an instructor and completing problems instead of just watching a video.
  • It utilizes open source learning to ensure that anyone who wants to learn has the opportunity to do so.
  • For a small fee, students can pay to take a certification exam.  Upon completion of the exam they’ll be awarded an MITx Certificate.  It’s not an actual degree, though it does show that you are knowledgeable in the field in question.

Benefits are obvious.  You’ll avoid the admissions process, any prerequisite issues, and – obviously – the high costs of actually attending MIT.  But is earning an MITx Certificate worth your time and trouble?  What’s the actual value of one when you do earn it?  A few points may help clarify that.

  • One thing to consider about its value is its value to you personally.  Sometimes just learning a new skill is enough to satisfy your goals.  MITx makes it easy to educate yourself and gain new, useful knowledge.  It’s a kind of professional personal enrichment that is well worth it for many.  If you’re looking to better yourself, these certificates are priceless.
  • In the job market, things get a little muddier.  Even MIT admits that it will be employers who eventually determine the value of an MITx certificate, not MIT.  It’s up to the employers to decide whether or not the certificate is a valid qualification or not, in other words.
  • Luckily, employers seem open to the idea.  MIT is well known for its quality, and in many cases employers have begun to be much more accepting of online education options than they have been in the past.
  • There are still critics who are quick to point out that the MITx program is not accredited and that it has some glaring quality control problems, however.  It all comes down to individuals and employers in the end.
  • One final area of value worth mentioning is the value of the MITx certificate program on education as a whole.  Several institutions are leading the world into the future of education, and this is one more step towards the open education that many have been dreaming of.  While it’s a long way off, this is a step in the right direction.

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your education but don’t have a lot of money to invest right now, the MITx certificate could be exactly what you need.  It’s perfect for those who are looking for entry level jobs in various fields or for those who are already employed and want to learn new skills that can enhance their performance and lead to a possible promotion.

There are plenty of online education options out there, but MITx is one of the most exciting and revolutionary ones available at the moment.  Take a few minutes to look into the specifics of it and you may be surprised by what you find.  It could be exactly what you’re looking for.