15 Accredited Online MBA AACSB No GMAT

There is growing demand for quality online MBA programs, which can be seen in the fact that US News and World Report now ranks online MBA programs separately. Meanwhile, Princeton Review just started doing the same this year. n fact, these programs are becoming so popular that at some schools (Indiana University and Arizona State University), online MBA students outnumber their campus-based counterparts.

Online MBA options, which saw marked increase in demand in 2014 according to the Graduate Management Admission Council, have grown so much that many universities now do not require potential students to even take standardized tests for admission, such as the GRE or GMAT. This eases the process of entering MBA school, and is an attractive option for the busy working professional with multiple work and personal obligations.

Some of the best online MBA programs with no GRE or GMAT include the following schools:

Northwestern University


The Kellogg School of Management Executive MBA program is a highly rated MBA program in the United States. This part time online MBA program will allow you to earn a very prestigious degree and you do not have to take either the GMAT or GRE. Many students choose this online MBA program because of its stellar reputation on the national and international stage. The faculty of this program have offered many contributions to the business field over the years, and many are consultants in many different disciplines in the private and public sector. Also, theory and practice at the Kellogg school work closely together. Many students have noted how after the program that they think about business problems in a different and more effective manner. Go to their online application to begin the process.

University of Chicago


The Booth School of Business online MBA program is an ideal choice for you if you have several years of business experience. The University of Chicago has one of the best reputations in the world of business. You will focus in your three year program on how to best challenge routine business wisdom, and how to use the most modern techniques of leadership and business management. The Executive MBA program admits approximately 270 students per year, and you may focus your studies on Capital Markets, Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Strategy, and Leadership and Management. Student who attend this program find that they are able to stand out from the pack due to the clarity and incisiveness that they bring to leadership roles. Learn more about the application process at the University of Chicago here.

New York University – Stern


This online MBA program is one of the groundbreaking online programs that no longer required applicants to submit standardized test scores. It simply found that there was little correlation between business school performance and test scores. Rather, the selection process centers upon your overall academic profile, although the program does not have a minimum GPA. Also, your professional achievements and aspirations are extremely important. They expect students to have a strong success record, as well as a good potential for future leadership roles. You should be able to explain clearly in writing why this online MBA is well suited for your long term career goals. Start here to apply at NYU-Stern today.

University of Cincinnati


This program is one of the highest ranked in the country, in terms of the best financial value upon graduation. While many MBAs do not consider it, one of the big benefits of this program is that it can net you one of the highest salaries when compared to your debt load.This exciting MBA offers the following concentrations: Health Care Finance, Health Care Administration, Health Care Operations, Health Care Policy, Corporate Taxation, and Individual Taxation. This program offers one of the most dynamic and comprehensive online MBAs you will find anywhere. It has a mixture of academic, research-focused learning and also real life learning opportunities that will allow you to partner with real firms with pressing business challenges. Please learn more about start dates for this MBA program today.

University of Scranton

This MBA program will vastly improve your skills in the area of business and also will show you the best ways to boost your effectiveness as an organizational leader. This school does this by analyzing many key case studies, and also by teaching you the very best leadership skills. This MBA program is 100% online and has the following specializations: Healthcare Management, International Business, Operations Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Accounting. Core classes focus on accounting and finance, operations and management, and management and marketing. This online MBA can be completed in two years full time or you may take up to six years to finish it. Read common FAQs here.

University of Southern California-Marshall

This is a special MBA program that is made for managers and professionals who are in need of working full time while completing their MBA program. You will be in this program for a total of 33 months, and will take many core and elective classes in management, leadership and quantitative analysis. Generally you take the key core classes in the first year, and then you have the foundation to take your electives. This program teaches its graduates to become cutting edge, forward business thinkers that are able to analyze complex business situations from many perspectives, and to come up with practical solutions. The vast majority of this program is online, but there is a one week on campus residency where you will get to know both your professors and fellow students, which provides valuable networking possibilities. Download a free brochure from their website to learn more.

Howard University

This is an executive online MBA program that will last a total of 18 months. It is 100% accredited by the AACSB. This program is designed so you can go from your current job in middle management to a higher executive position after you graduate. The curriculum for the online program includes classes in financial accounting, financial management, managerial accounting, principles of information systems, production and operations management and marketing management. Other core classes are in statistics, management communications, legal strategies and microeconomics for business. You can review the online application process here.

Portland State University

This part time MBA program is one of the top in the country, according to US News and World Report. In this fully accredited program, you will experience a top flight curriculum, as well as one of the best faculties who are all experts in various areas of business.This university also offers a part time healthcare focused MBA that partners with Oregon Health and Science University. This program is a perfect fit for the business professional who wants a healthcare focused career. It also is a good choice for MDs who want the skills to start their owner medical practice. Request more information about Portland State University’s MBA program here.

Washington State University

This was one of the first online MBA programs that did not require you to take standardized tests. It has been named a top business school by The Princeton Review. Also, it is ranked as one of the best public colleges by US News and World Report.The focus in this program is on the most essential business concepts, which lead to becoming a strong management professional and leader. Students in this two year program are fully challenged to apply the latest business theory concepts to modern business issues. It also has a strong international focus, as so much of the business world is now global. The skills you learn here will be applicable both locally and around the globe. Learn more about the Washington State business faculty now.

Florida International University

This online MBA program requires you to have four years of work experience, and you should have at least two years as a manager with supervisory responsibility. You can complete this accredited MBA in about 18 months. You will learn how to expertly evaluate the current financial position of companies by analyzing the state of their balance sheets, and you will also learn to evaluate company cash flow and budgets. Required courses that will expand your managerial business knowledge include Operations Management, International Business, Global Financial Strategy, Organization Information Systems, Corporate Finance and Accounting for Managers. Request more information on this FIU online MBA here.

Southern New Hampshire University

This is a fully accredited part time, online MBA, you and you no longer need to submit GRE or GMAT scores. This excellent program attracts students from many countries around the world. So you will have significant exposure to many different business perspectives. This quality program offers many specialties so that you can focus on your area of interest: Athletic Administration, Accounting, Business Intelligence, Corporate Social Responsibility, Economics, Finance, Forensic Accounting, Healthcare Economics, Healthcare Management, Human Resources, IT Management and Internet Marketing. There also is a dedicated International MBA that you can earn.

Saint Joseph’s University

This is a highly flexible MBA that will provide you with the most applicable management skills, along with the most functional business expertise. You will learn how to distinguish yourself as a superior business manager and leader. It will build both your managerial and leadership skills, while also providing you with more sensitivity to the complex moral, ethical and cultural aspects of doing business around the globe today. This program is ranked as one of the best business schools by Businessweek, US News and World Report, and Princeton Review. Learn more and apply at this Jesuit University now.

Hofstra University

This is the very first online MBA program in New York that focuses on strategic management. The program has been fully accredited by AACSB for more than 40 years. Also, there are 80 full time faculty and have the highest possible degrees in their fields.The Zarb School of Business currently is ranked #15 in the US according to the Princeton Review, and #41 by US News and World Report. GRE and GMAT scores are waived for most students, depending upon your work experience and academic performance. This program leverages its nearby location to the New York City business world to provide its students with many industry networking events, career services and connections to international business. Get more information about Hofstra now.

Southern Illinois University – Carbondale

The online MBA here is fully accredited by the AACSB International. This program attracts excellent students from around the world, and the faculty here is very highly rated. It provides busy working professionals with a flexible, asynchronous format so that you can take your classes when you have time. However, there is plenty of opportunity for interacting with other students, and the school’s professional training and career development have been geared especially for effective delivery online. Given the asynchronous format, it is vital that you be able to communicate effectively in writing with both your professors and other students, so this is carefully gauged during the application process. Learn more about SIU Carbondale here.

University of Massachusetts – Lowell

This is a high quality online MBA program that will waive the GMAT and GRE requirements if you have at least eight years of professional work experience.It is delivered entirely online, and is made for students who want to compete in the business world as it evolves rapidly. This fully accredited MBA program integrates practice and theory via projects in the real world, as well as case studies that apply to any business setting. The program has up to 16 classes, depending upon how much background you have in business and your previous education. You may select a general MBA, or can focus on Finance, Accounting or IT. Apply online at UMass now.

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