10 Awesome K12 Online Distance Education Courses

– Some Great Examples

Online education has become one of the leading forms of learning in our country, and it’s evolving every day.  While online colleges get most of the attention, those with students in grades K-12 will actually find that there are plenty of great online courses for their children to enroll in as well.  Online learning offers a safe environment and instills a deep understanding of technology while going through daily lessons.  Studies have found that online students actually score better on exams than those who learn through traditional means, making it obvious that this is one avenue worth considering.

Like any other school, online K12 schools will offer various courses for students to enroll in.  Which courses your student enrolls in will vary greatly depending on what their specific situation and needs may be.  While each online K12 school offers different courses, there are usually some basic themes that will be constant throughout any of them.  The specific courses actually fall into four broad types of categories.

  1. Elementary Courses – These are generally offered by schools that provide total K-12 education.  Some schools only provide 6-12, for instance, but these are the courses that form the foundation of a child’s future.  Things like reading and simple math are the main ones you’ll find here, with numerous specific subjects covered.
  2. Middle School Courses – This is the broad classification of several more specific programs, and these are usually very similar to the high school offerings as well.
  3. High School Courses – Another broad category, these are the high school level options that will be offered through an online school.  Numerous specific programs are found within them.
  4. Multimedia – This type of course applies to all three of the above.  Multimedia courses are more than just an emailed white paper that students read and work on.  They use web chat, online classrooms, and other communication and interaction methods to ensure that students get the most from their education.

Within these three groups there will be several different courses for parents and students to select from.  Each offers quality to those enrolled.

  1. Core Courses – These are the basic classes that will be the backbone of any education.  Things like language arts, math, history, and science are covered here.  They’ll be geared towards each child’s grade level.
  2. Credit Recovery – Some students enroll in online courses so that they may earn the credits they’re lacking for graduation.  Credit recovery courses are designed for just this purpose.
  3. Advanced Placement – These courses are just what they sound like.  The great thing about online education is that it is flexible, and students who are ahead of their grade can easily join advanced placement courses.  They help tailor a child’s education towards their own abilities.
  4. Foreign Languages – These courses are designed to help children learn other languages.  Normally a variety of different courses are offered so that any desired language can be mastered during an online education.  With foreign languages becoming a requisite for many colleges, these are important courses to consider.
  5. Electives – Just like traditional high schools, many schools today are offering online electives in course like Law and Order, Mythology and Folklore, Veterinary Science, World Religions, and more.  They help expand a child’s interests and keep them engaged in school.
  6. Personally Designed – In some schools, designing your own courses is possible through the help of a professional in charge of curriculum.  For advanced students or special needs students, this is an excellent opportunity and one that most traditional schools simply can’t hope to match.

There are too many specific courses available in online K12 schools to list, but these ten categories should give you a solid understanding on just what is available today.