10 Best Online Education K12 Schools

10 Best Online Education K12 Schools – Finding Yours

Online education has become one of the fastest growing ways to learn. It’s a lot more than a fad or a trend, and today most experts agree that it’s the future of education. It’s not just for college students any longer, either. Today there are more online education options for K-12 grade students than ever before. Finding the right education options is easy since more than forty states offer online learning platforms for younger students.

One of the biggest issues, however, is finding the right school to attend. Some states actually have state-run programs, while other options are private in nature. Finding a great school is obviously the single most important part of ensuring that your child’s online education goes the way you want it to. While you may need to live in a particular state in order to enroll in certain schools, other instances may not have restrictions. You’ll have to do a bit of research to determine what the legalities are where you reside, but here are ten of the best options out there at the moment for online K-12 education. It’s important to mention that these are private school options – your state may have its own offerings available to choose from.

  1. Penn Foster High School – This regionally and nationally accredited school offers high school diplomas entirely online.
  2. University of Miami Global Academy – Students here develop all the traits and characteristics needed to thrive in life thanks to the online classroom environment that is employed.
  3. Stanford University EPGY Online High School – This program is the Education Program for Gifted Youth Online High School. It’s fully accredited and completely online and offers students the chance to earn their diploma and prepare for their future.
  4. National High School – This program utilizes all computer based courses and is fully accredited through CITA and SACS.
  5. Liberty University Online Academy – This is a program designed for kids in grades three through twelve and is nationally accredited. It’s offered by the world’s largest evangelical university.
  6. GLBTQ Online High School – This program was designed to help student who are members of the GLBTQ community. Its focus is on using the best technology to provide the best education while giving students a safe and welcoming way to learn – something that can be difficult to find at times.
  7. iQ Academy – This school provides free education to students living in Kansas, Arizona, Nevada, South Carolina, Minnesota, Texas, Wisconsin, and Washington. It’s fully accredited, free to use, and one of the best choices out there if you reside in those states.
  8. Keystone High School – This school offers fully accredited education opportunities. There are more than eighty different courses offered online and credits earned can even be used to transfer into a traditional high school if desired. Otherwise, a fully online diploma is also available.
  9. Ashworth High School – This is focused mainly on students who need additional credits to graduate from their school. Students who have dropped out or were home schooled and still need a few credits to graduate are the main focus here.
  10. K12 – K12 is an online school that has provided more than one million courses so far and continues to doing so. Through online web meetings and phone support, parents and students will work with qualified instructors to ensure a great education is provided. It has schools set up in nearly every state and offers one of the best online educations available.

Take a look at what these schools have to offer your child and you’ll likely see that any of them are well worth enrolling your young students in. Online education is a great option, and one that’s growing in popularity.


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