5 Most Popular K12 Online Education Grants

 – Finding Funding

Online education is a growing industry that offers numerous rewards to all those involved – teachers, parents, and students.  But like most other things out there, finding the required level of funding is always an issue.  Luckily there are numerous grants available to help students afford tuition or even to help teachers set up their online classroom.  While the funding for K12 schools hasn’t reached that of colleges and universities yet, there are still some options.

Finding a grant is one of those things that teachers, schools, students, and parents will all be doing.  There are plenty of reasons that money is needed and only a few great sources for that cash.  No matter the need, if you’re involved in online education for students in grades K through 12, there are a few different grants well worth taking a good, long look at.

  1. NGLC Grants – The Next Generation Learning Challenges grants are the top ones in this field.  They’re focused on improving student success through the proper implementation of modern technology, and are given in the hopes of building a strong, reliable method of education through technology to help counteract the high numbers of dropouts that the country is plagued with.  They’re awarded in waves, and application is easy to do through the official website.
  2. PLP Free Web Tools Course – The Web 2.0 Course is a grant driven program that allows teachers to learn how to implement web 2.0 in their teaching skills for free. This skill can then be used to deliver online education to those who are in need of it.  It’s a program focused on spreading online education, and it’s worth considering for teachers.
  3. GAP Grant – This grant program awards three hundred dollars to teachers so that they can purchase the needed software to set up an online classroom management system.  It’s the first step in the right direction.
  4. Helping Children in Urban Poverty Grants – These grants are focused on giving children who live in urban areas within the poverty line.  The money can be used to take steps towards the education needed to rise above their environment, and may be applied to online education programs as well as traditional ones.
  5. State Funding – Many different states offer grants at the state level for online education programs.  Utah, Minnesota, and Florida are just three examples of states that will apply public school funds towards an online education.  Take the time to research your state and there’s a strong chance you’ll find that an online education for your children could be much easier to pay for than you first thought.

In short, there are ways to pay for K12 education.  A small bit of research will go a long way towards helping you find the money that you need to ensure your child’s future.