What are the K12 Online Classes Opportunities?

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Enrolling in online classes is something that has steadily grown in popularity as technology continues to evolve and improve the overall experience of online education.  Today it’s not just a college based system, either.  More K12 online education opportunities are popping up than ever before.  With the numerous benefits of online education applied to elementary, middle, and high schools, and with technology making it easier than ever before to really excel in an online program, there’s never been a better time than right now to consider enrolling your child in an online class.

But there are numerous options to choose from, and finding the best online class opportunities is important.  There are a few different opportunities out there to consider.

  • The most obvious opportunities for K12 online classes are online schools associated with state school systems.  More than forty states offer some form of online programs for their public schools, whether partial programs or full ones.  These are affiliated with the state school system and as such will adhere to that curriculum.  Funding comes from taxpayer dollars and most of the available schools won’t have tuition or other costs associated with them.
  • The other main option will be private, for-profit schools that offer K12 online classes.  These are schools that will be operated much like a business and will require students to pay tuition costs by semester or by the course.  These are excellent options as well and are growing in popularity.
  • Some non-profit private online K12 schools exist as well, although you’ll normally have to meet various qualifications in order to enroll.  These operate much like the for-profit schools, but qualified attendees won’t have to pay enrollment fees.
  • There are also many online portals and resources that focus on online K12 education.  These can help you learn more about your options and determine just which choices are the best ones for you and your child.

Which choice you go with will depend largely upon your specific location and situation.  Some states only allow certain students to attend the state funded schools, for instance.  There are a few basic things to take into consideration to ensure that you find the right opportunity for your student.

  • Can you enroll them in state funded programs?  If so, this is probably the option you’ll decide on simply because it saves you money.
  • However, the number of students enrolled in these programs is growing.  If you want to opt for smaller online class sizes, consider a private school option instead.
  • Make sure you’re choosing an online K12 class opportunity that is actually designed with interactivity in mind.  Just having an assignment emailed to them isn’t enough for most students.  Online multimedia classes are becoming the standard, so take the time to ensure that you’re enrolling your child in a program that offers this.
  • Also understand the level of commitment that you and your child will have to make.  Online K12 education requires a highly motivated child who is capable of learning on their own as well as a committed adult who is willing to provide them with the level of constant supervision and assistance needed to excel.  Without these two attributes, your K12 online education experience will be an uphill battle you’ll both have to fight.

If you’ll keep the above points in mind then you should be able to narrow your choices.  There are numerous online options out there for students in grades K-12, so it’s just a matter of finding the best one.  Whether you settle on a state funded option or a private school option, online education is the future of learning and once your child enrolls in a program and you begin to see the benefits, you’ll likely agree.