10 Interesting Online College Courses That Start Anytime

Sometimes, it may be necessary to complete a course very rapidly, or you may wish to make progress on a degree plan faster than you could on the “normal” schedule. In this case, it’s a good idea to look for self-paced classes where you can enroll any time. These classes usually allow you to start when you wish and finish a class within 12 months by submitting assignments as you complete them.

  1. Spanish, German and other language classes, among many others, are on the roster from the unique BYU Online Independent Studies program. It is frequently used by high school seniors and deployed military who lack study time.
  2. Assessment and Curriculum and Instructional Strategies are some of the self-paced courses that you can find at Walden University, giving you the chance to begin a career in elementary education on your own schedule.
  3. Animation and Video Production, Business and Marketing and many other classes are provided in the “Skillsoft” format at UNM Continuing Education Online, allowing students to start and complete individual courses at any time.
  4. Emergency Management and other classes are online and supplemented by CD-ROM through Central Texas College, giving students a flexible schedule and the ability to progress even if they lose their internet connection.
  5. Assistive Technology is a specialized certificate program from CSUDH with classes including assistive technology, administration of assistive technology services, and others. Classes are available all year around.
  6. Self-Paced Courses in Anthropology, Literature, Law, Latin, Logic and Psychology, among others, can be started any time at The University of Texas at Austin Online Extension. A total of more than 60 courses are available.
  7. Independent Distance Learning in 36 Subjects and Six Languages is offered on a “start any time” basis from the University of Georgia Center for Distance Learning.
  8. Non-Profit Management and other courses begin on an accelerated schedule every six weeks when you pursue business or management studies at Lehman College. Students have the opportunity to quickly build up business credit.
  9. Accounting, Administrative Assistant and Bookkeeping are some of the self-paced certificate programs open to students of Kennesaw School of Continuing Education. Legal, writing, and technology classes are also available.
  10. Self-Paced Courses With Open Enrollment are on offer from Florida Keys Community College. The classes on offer cover more than a dozen major areas of college study and will help with any online college degree plan.