Information Technology No GMAT MBA Programs

Information technology is an emerging field that has become absolutely essential to even the smallest of businesses today. Very few companies operate without at least a simple computer system operating on the back end. For these companies to be profitable and successful, information technology professionals are an integral part of operations. If you’re working in the field of information technology, but feel that your career needs to go to the next level, an MBA degree may be just what you need. Continuing your education will give your job the boost that it needs to get off its plateau and rocket you to major success.

An MBA in information technology is a great choice for continuing your education. This program will begin by providing you with all the foundations of a solid MBA. This means that you’ll take courses on finance, management, economics, marketing, and more. With this core of essential information, you’ll be able to expand far beyond the restraints of an IT career and see the bigger picture. If you’ve been working solely with computers, your MBA will give you the skill set that you need to branch out and become more involved with co-workers, employees, and clients. A managerial role in any area, including information technology, is about putting all the pieces together so your department interacts successfully with the rest of the company.

In addition to your core MBA courses, you’ll also receive a specialized education that focuses on information technology as it relate to an MBA. These may include management of information systems, database management, and strategic management of technology. You’ll also learn how to manage IT systems that operate globally. You may need to work with other contacts around the world to keep your systems operating smoothly. Your MBA education will give you the tools that you need to do so with confidence.

With an MBA in information technology, you’ll be prepared for many different careers in the IT field. Some of the careers that you may want to explore along with their median annual salaries are listed here. These figures were compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in May 2010.

  • Computer and Information Research Scientist – $100,660
  • Computer Programmer – $71,380
  • Computer System Analyst – $77,740
  • Database Administrator – $73,490
  • Software Developer – $90,530
  • Information Security Analyst, Web Developer, or Computer Network Architect – $75,660

If you’re anxious to take the next step but don’t know where to start, there’s no need to hesitate any longer. You don’t have to quit your job or make drastic life changes to pursue an MBA. With online MBA programs, you can get started right away from the comfort of home. Your new degree can be yours in a few years, and you’ll never have to set foot on a campus.

Online degree programs are a great choice because they give you the flexibility that you need to reach your goals while still working a full time job. Most information technology MBA students already have a successful career in an IT field. They’re simply looking for a little leverage to get to the next level. Give your career a boost now with an online MBA program like the one listed below.

Southern New Hampshire University

Get your MBA online with a concentration in Information Technology Management with Southern New Hampshire University. This program will give you a solid foundation in business as with any MBA. In addition, you’ll take courses that focus on IT management, e-business, telecommunications, and digital commerce. This program is dedicated to helping students keep up with the ever-changing digital age. You can graduate in as little as 18 months.