Masters In Occupational Therapy No GRE Required

Occupational therapy is one of the most important areas of medicine for many people. The field focuses on helping those who have been injured recover so they can return to normalcy, on helping children who are disabled learn to overcome their handicaps, and even on helping older citizens as their lives change. The main focus is to ensure that patients are able to complete their day to day routine without major hindrances. Workplace health may also have a role in this field. Because of the hands-on nature of this medical field it can be difficult to find online only programs. Many of the following no-GRE master’s degree programs may feature some online classes, but campus based classes will usually be required.

  1. Mercy College – Mercy College is located in the city of Dobbs Ferry, New York, and is a highly respected school offering numerous courses. Its MS in Occupational Therapy program does not require students to submit their GRE scores in order to be admitted.
  2. University of New Hampshire – The University of New Hampshire is located in Durham, New Hampshire and offers a quality MS program in the field without asking for GRE scores to be submitted.
  3. University of Alabama Birmingham – The Birmingham campus in the University of Alabama school system doesn’t require students to hold a GRE in order to enter in its Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy program as long as an undergraduate degree is held.
  4. Loma Linda University – The Loma Linda University Occupational Therapy graduate program does not require GRE scores if students meet certain other requirements for admission. The school is located in Loma Linda, California.
  5. Indiana University, Purdue University Indianapolis – IUPUI is a respected educational institution and its MSOT program offered by the School of Health and Rehabilitation will not require GRE scores as part of the admission requirements.
  6. Utica College – Located in Utica, New York, Utica College allows students to enter the MS in Occupational Therapy program as long as they hold a GPA of 3.0 during their undergraduate studies.
  7. University of Scranton – The University of Scranton will allow applicants to ignore the GRE requirement provided they hold a 2.75 GPA and that they hold a Bachelor’s degree in the field and that they are eligible to practice or currently practicing occupational therapy.
  8. Grand Valley State University – Located in Allendale, Michigan, Grand Valley State University has no GRE requirements for applying students. However, a GPA of 3.0 and at least 50 hours of volunteer experience are among the requirements needed to enroll.
  9. Stony Brook University – Stony Brook University is located in Long Island, New York and has no GRE requirements for its MS in Occupational Therapy program. The degree is also available as part of a 3 year BS Health Science/MS Occupational Therapy program.