Online Masters In Physical Therapy Programs – No GRE Required

Physical therapy is a medical discipline that focuses on helping those with injuries or illnesses that have impacted their ability to live their lives normally, free of pain, to get back their independence. Those in the field may help to rehabilitate victims of an accident, teach children with disabilities how to walk or function, or even work with athletes recovering from an injury. It’s one of the highest paid fields in medicine and can be highly rewarding both professionally and personally. Due to the very hands-on nature of physical therapy, online programs are virtually non-existent.

There are, however, numerous programs that don’t require GRE scores for admissions. Here are some of the best ones

  1. University of North Texas – The University of North Texas is located in Fort Worth and requires no GRE scores for admission into the program. It’s a brand new program that is still waiting for approval for its accreditation, however.
  2. Florida International University – Florida International University is situated in Miami, Florida. No GRE scores are required for enrollment in its physical therapy programs.
  3. Clarkson University – Clarkson has no GRE requirements for admission into its physical therapies program and offers a highly regarded degree that will qualify students for roles in numerous fields.
  4. Western University of Health Services – Located in Pomona, California, this school has just removed its GRE requirements for 2013 applicants into the Physical Therapy program. Graduates will earn a respected degree and won’t need to submit standardized test scores for entry.
  5. Arkansas State University – Located in Jonesboro, Arkansas, this school offers a fully accredited physical therapy program and requires no GRE scores for entry into the program.
  6. Wayne State University – Located in Detroit and carrying full accreditation, Wayne State University offers a respected physical therapy program and has no GRE requirements for applicants.
  7. University of Mary – The University of Mary is located in Bismarck, ND and has no GRE requirements. Its physical therapy program is highly respected and carries full accreditation.
  8. Northeastern University – This Boston, MA based school has full accreditation and no GRE requirements for students applying to its Physical Therapy Program.
  9. Thomas Jefferson University – Thomas Jefferson University offers a quality Physical Therapy program and no longer requires students to submit their GRE scores as part of the application packet.
  10. University of The Sciences – This school is located in Philadelphia and has a direct entry option that allows students to bypass GRE requirements. There are other requirements that must be met in order to circumvent the GRE, however.
  11. Sacred Heart University – While it recommends the GRE for admissions, Sacred Heart University does not require it and as long as other admission requirements are met students can apply to and gain acceptance into this Fairfield, CT based school.