Online No GMAT Management MBA Programs

If you’re looking to advance your career in business, an MBA is a powerful and effective way to do so. Many MBA programs offer specializations that allow you to focus some of your education on a specialty that you’re particularly interested in. If your goal involves a leadership position where you’ll be in charge of other employees who work beneath you, then a Management MBA may be the perfect choice. This type of MBA program is going to focus on preparing you to be a well-organized, successful, and respected manager in your department. Management is a broad field that you can successfully apply to nearly any industry that you have a particular interest in.

As with any MBA, the core of your study will give you a broad and solid foundation in business. You’ll learn about finance, accounting, human resources, marketing, policies, ethics, and more. This base is what you will build your management skill set upon. If your bachelor’s degree is in an area other than business, you may be shocked to find out how much information is available in an MBA and how valuable it is to your working life. If you do have a background in business, you’ll find a great sense of satisfaction in taking your existing knowledge to a whole new level as you begin studying familiar topics in greater depth than before.

Some of the particular focuses of your management specialization will include:

  • Team building
  • Employee motivation
  • Leadership
  • Organizational interaction
  • Interpersonal communications skills

These skills will help you learn how to interact with others and inspire them as an effective manager. Most people with a history in the work force know what it’s like to have a good manager versus a bad manager. Bad managers are typically those with little formal education and a poor understanding of what it takes to lead well. With a management MBA, you’ll be equipped to become a successful manager in any industry.

You can pursue many different management careers with this major. Some of the options that you may want to consider along with their medial annual salaries as of May 2010 are as follows:

  • Industrial Production Manager – $87,160
  • Training and Development Manager – $89,170
  • Compensation and Benefits Manager – $89,270
  • Sales Manager – $98,530
  • Human Resources Manager – $99,180
  • Financial Manager – $103,910
  • Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Manager – $108,260
  • Computer and Information Systems Manager – $115,780

With a Management MBA, you’ll be equipped to earn more than the average salary for most fields. If you’ve been working in the same job for years but don’t feel qualified to ask for a raise, an MBA will give you the leverage that you need to do so. Pursuing an MBA doesn’t have to take over your life. You can do so easily with just a few free hours every week by pursuing an online MBA program. There are lots of schools that you can choose from. Some may have campuses nearby and offer competitive in-state tuition for you, even though you’ll never need to set foot in a classroom or campus office. Consider a choice likeTiffinUniversity, highlighted here.

Tiffin University

The Tiffin University MBA program offers a specialty in General Management. This concentration will help you to move into a general management position. Students in this program typically have an existing job history with successful positions in human resources, marketing, sales, or a similar area. With the help of this online MBA, graduates will be able to move upward and command a management position with more authority and responsibility.