10 Coolest Online Colleges for Business

In the business world, the right degree is everything. You have to learn the basics and principles of this type of career, but you also have to make sure that you get an education that meets your needs. Fortunately, business is one of the areas where online schools excel at providing students with what they need. Take the time to explore your educational options so that you can get everything that you deserve from your business education. If you want a cool, flexible, reputable online education, check out these 10 online colleges:

  1. Walden University: Walden University is a leader in reputable education options. This school has been around for decades, and has quickly become known for its online courses and degree programs. Business students can choose from a variety of degrees at the undergraduate and graduate level, including business administration, general business, and other specializations.
  2. Kaplan University: Kaplan is among the largest and most well-known online college options. This for-profit program was created to offer a more flexible solution to people who want an education they can depend on. Business degrees are available for undergrad and graduate students, with specializations in areas like administration, finance, and more.
  3. University of Phoenix: This is one of the most reputable, known online business school options for working adults. The programs at Phoenix are catered to students who have busy lives, and there are many different business degrees to choose from. Students can obtain undergraduate and graduate degrees in business with many different specializations.
  4. Capella University: Capella University was established specifically to cater to working adults. This school has a variety of different degrees for professionals who want to advance their career, as well as undergrad degrees for those just starting out. The business programs at Capella are designed to be flexible and provide a quality education for all types of business careers.
  5. DeVry University: DeVry is a school that is known for its high-tech programs and its reputable education opportunities. There are plenty of business degrees available, including specializations in areas like finance, information systems, marketing, small business management, and more. Plus, all online programs are flexible and accessible.
  6. Ashford University: Ashford is among the leading institutions today offering online degrees to students who need a more flexible or convenient education. Business students can find a variety of degree programs, including specializations, at every level of education. The courses are flexible and designed to fit your busy life, which is what an online education should be.
  7. Grand Canyon University: Grand Canyon University is one of the coolest, longest-standing distance education programs. This school offers a wide selection of degrees and certificates. The business school at GCU is designed to prepare people for careers in tomorrow’s business world, including specializations and various degree programs at all levels.
  8. Baker College Online: Baker College Online is known for its online courses primarily. This school offers a wide selection of business degrees, including doctorate, master’s, bachelor’s and associate degree programs. Get your MBA in many areas of specialization or choose a bachelor’s program to get you started on your business education in finance, accounting, general business, administration, and more.
  9. Bryant & Stratton College: Bryant & Stratton is a small school with focused online courses that are designed to give students the tools that they need to succeed in their careers. There are a variety of bachelor’s and associate’s degree programs in business, including management, accounting, human resources, marketing, and more. The online classes are flexible and accessible for students who need a more unique educational option.
  10. Drexel University: Drexel is a non-profit, private university that has won many awards for its educational options and capabilities over the years. Students can find the business program online, allowing them to get a bachelor’s degree in business with a specialization that suits their needs.