10 Coolest Online Colleges for Healthcare

The challenge of going back to school online is that you have to take the time to find a program that is reputable and can still provide you with a fun educational experience. Getting the right degree can often make all the difference, and it’s going to be up to you to make sure that you find a program that works. Some online schools might have more credibility than others, so that’s important to think about. Here are 10 of the coolest online colleges and programs for a degree in the healthcare field.

  1. Kaplan University: This school was initially established in 1937. It was known as the American Institute of Commerce originally, as the first for-profit school that had open admissions. Here, students can learn on their time, at their own pace, and study a variety of different healthcare programs to get the degree that they want. Kaplan offers unique educational options and degrees from certificate to graduate level in the healthcare field.
  2. Ashford University: Ashford was a regional boarding school for women when it was first established in 1893. Today, it is one of the most popular schools for online education. With a wide selection of healthcare degrees at all levels, students can find the ideal program for their career future. Almost 99% of their student base is enrolled in the online program, where you will find degrees in healthcare administration and other areas of interest.
  3. Capella University: This unique online school was established to provide degree opportunities to working professionals. The programs are structured to be flexible and designed for people who already have busy lives. There are a number of healthcare programs available, including things like healthcare management, administration, health policy, and more. Capella is a for-profit institution with accreditation and licensure to operate as an online school.
  4. George Washington University Online: GWU is the largest school in D.C. It is also one of the best schools in the nation. This university has a rich history as well as a variety of different online healthcare programs for students at various degree levels.
  5. Strayer University: This school was originally founded in 1892. It has a variety of online programs within the healthcare field, including bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. Students can choose their own educational path and learn on their time. The master’s level programs include things like healthcare administration, health services, and more.
  6. Florida Institute of Technology: Located in Melbourne, Florida, this is one of the biggest schools for healthcare management and administration. It also has a selection of other healthcare programs for students.  Online learning is fast and flexible, giving students degrees they can use on their time. FIT is highly ranked as an online college and focuses on business and technology, but has many healthcare degrees to choose from.
  7. Northeastern University: This is a growing university, and its reputation is becoming more known by the day. Students can choose from a variety of healthcare degrees at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral level to get their career started. This school is accredited and operates entirely online, which is something healthcare students of today need and deserve.
  8. UNC Chapel Hill Online: At UNC-Chapel Hill, students can get a high quality education that works on their schedule. UNC is a leading institution in the U.S., and its online program is among the best available as well. There are degrees available in many areas of healthcare, including master’s degrees in administration and management that are known for being in the top of the online program offerings for these degrees. Most coursework is online, but there may be a need for a few campus sessions depending on the degree chosen.
  9. Boston University Online: Boston University is among the largest private institutions in the nation. It has a variety of online healthcare degrees that cater to all kinds of students. Degrees are done completely online, offered in accelerated format, and allow students to learn at their own pace. Healthcare degrees are available at the bachelor’s and master’s level, with occasional offerings at other degree levels.
  10. University of Phoenix: The University of Phoenix is one of the leading online programs. This for-profit school offers a variety of healthcare degrees at all levels. Availability varies depending on location, but most online programs are national. This school is accredited and focused on helping working adults take their careers to the next level or re-focus their career future.