10 Coolest Online Colleges for Psychology

Psychology programs are popular right now for many students. However, finding a reputable program takes a little time and effort on your part. Many schools have implemented online programs to help working adults get their education on their own time, giving more people the chance to return to school and get what they want from their career future. Finding reputable, accredited programs to get a psychology degree is your goal. Here are 10 of the coolest psychology programs that you will find online:

  1. Kaplan University: Kaplan is among the best in online education. This for-profit institution provides students with flexible, accessible education options to help them get more from their career futures. Kaplan has a variety of psychology degrees and programs for students that are accredited and offer specialization in some cases.
  2. University of Phoenix: The University of Phoenix is one of the leading online schools available to students who want a more flexible education. Here, students can choose from dozens of degree programs, including psychology degrees. There are programs at all levels, but availability does depend on location. Students can learn on their time and get an accredited, reputable education from a school that is known for online learning.
  3. Ashford University: Ashford was originally an all-girls school, but today it is known for a much different specialization. The online programs at Ashford are tailored to the needs of students with busy lives. The school follows an asynchronous schedule, allowing students to get their courses done on their own time. Psychology degrees are available at the bachelor’s and other levels. Students can choose specializations like social psychology if they desire.
  4. Capella University: Capella was created exclusively for working adults who needed a way to further their education. Today, this is one of the most esteemed online schools for adults who want a professional career and an education that they can depend on. Capella has a variety of psychology programs that are tailored to the specific needs of working students and accredited to provide the education that students deserve. Degrees are available at many levels.
  5. Walden University: Walden University has a longstanding reputation as a leading institution, providing students with the educational resources that they need. The online programs at Walden are tailored to working professionals, including their psychology programs. There are a number of degrees available with various specializations in psychology, with accredited programs that are flexible enough for all working adults.
  6. Argosy University: Argosy University is a reputable institution that focuses on helping students find professional success. Courses are structured to ensure that everyone learns the necessary elements and are prepared for their rigorous careers in the industry of their choosing. The psychology degrees available provide plenty of options for students who want an accredited degree in the field, including programs at all levels of study.
  7. Ashworth College: Ashworth College is one of the leading online colleges available today. There are more than 100 degree programs, including studies in psychology. Ashworth offers undergraduate and graduate level education in psychology, allowing students to get a general education in the field or choose from specializations that suit their career interests.
  8. Baker College Online: Baker College is an independent college that is committed to providing career-focused educational options. The psychology programs at Baker are designed to give students the chance to learn online so that they can take their careers to the next level, with accredited programs and degrees at various levels. There are also specializations for students.
  9. Saint Leo College: Saint Leo provides students with the option of getting a Bachelor of Arts or Science in the psychology field. Students can complete the program entirely online and choose a specialization that suits their career preferences. This school was founded more than 100 years ago, and today is known for providing flexible education options to students.
  10. Northcentral University: Northcentral University was founded specifically to create a flexible option for working adults. This school is focused on providing the educational opportunities that people need with reputable programs. There are psychology degrees available at all levels, including a bachelor’s degree and master’s program. Specializations are also available at this school.