10 of the Coolest Online Education Christian Colleges – Learning with your Faith

Christian and faith based universities have a long history in this country, and some of America’s best colleges are indeed Christian oriented.  With technology revolutionizing the way that education works, online education is quickly becoming one of the gold standards for furthering your career today.  And it surprises many people to learn that even online education has a strong population of Christian colleges that are of excellent quality.

Those looking to learn from a faith-based institution and who want to learn online will actually be able to enroll in schools that are among the best online options available and that are Christian colleges.  Here are ten of the coolest choices available.

  1. Northwestern College Online – This is a nondenominational college that is located in Minnesota but that also offers a wide range of different programs to choose from.  There are more than fifty different programs available online including numerous liberal arts programs and several excellent Bible related courses.
  2. Liberty University – This college is actually the largest Evangelical University in the world and is one of the best online education institutions available as well.  There is nearly every level of degrees available here from Associates all the way through Master’s level and even PhDs – all available online.
  3. Azusa Pacific University Online – This Christian online college offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in a wide range of programs including nursing and business programs.  It also boasts some of the highest student satisfaction ratings of all online schools.
  4. LeTourneau University Online – This school actually ranks among the very best online colleges in the country, Christian based or not.  It has a ninety four percent employment placement rating for online grads and offers a wide range of different programs including business, education, nursing, management, psychology, and more through its online program.
  5. Huntington University Online – This was actually Forbes Magazine’s highest ranked Christian school in 2010 and today it continues its excellence.  There are online programs, accelerated online programs, and programs that are campus-online combined that students can choose from.
  6. Malone University Online – Malone University Online is linked to the Quaker religion and has a very high level of student satisfaction while offering a tremendous amount of different programs over the internet including environmental management, marketing, and health services.
  7. Northwest Christian University – This Oregon based school offers several bachelor’s degrees through its online program including degrees in subjects like business administration, psychology, and accounting.
  8. Crown College Online – This school offers certificates as well as undergrad and grad level degrees in a huge range of different programs.  Some of the subjects offered through the online program include education, ministry, healthcare, and more.  The list of specific courses is quite robust and the student satisfaction rating is high here, making it an excellent choice for attendance.
  9. Dallas Baptist University Online – DBU online offers more than thirty different programs that include Masters, Bachelors, and Associates degrees.  There are also numerous dual degree programs to choose from, making Dallas Baptist University one of the best options for students looking to learn online who are unable to find other colleges that offer the program they hope to enroll in. Along with excellent diversity in the classes students will find low tuition rates and more.
  10. Ohio Christian University Online – This is one of the top one hundred schools in the nation according to US News and World Report and its online programs include degrees in ministry, counseling, business, and more.  Associates and Bachelor’s degrees are available here and the students who attend or have attended classes in the past report an exceptionally high level of satisfaction from the program.