10 Reasons to Consider edX for your Online Education – A Great Option

For the last several years, more people than ever have begun to enroll in online programs for their college education.  But while those numbers have grown constantly, most in the academic community have waited to see how traditional brick and mortar universities and colleges would embrace online education.

Today well over half of the nation’s colleges and universities now offer some form of online class, including a large percentage of programs that are offered entirely online.  As a result, it’s easy to say that online education is moving forward quickly.  Now Harvard and MIT have announced edX, the next step forward and one that is designed to let the world get an online education if they need it.

This is collaboration between MIT and Harvard that uses online lessons and labs to let students learn.  It’s one of the most exciting advances in the field, and there are plenty of reasons to consider enrolling.  Here are ten of them.

  1. Open Source – The fact that it’s open source means that it will be implemented by other schools and organizations.  It’s leading the charge into online education and will likely be integrated into numerous other universities over the years.
  2. Adapting – The powerful analytics tools available for the teachers at edX means that they can keep track of the various lessons, tools, and methods worked the best.  They’ll then use that analytical data to modify their programs and ensure the best results from their efforts.
  3. Certificates – Unlike some open source education options, edX will award certificates of mastery to students who excel in the program.  That means that the courses can actually help lead your career forward.
  4. MIT/Harvard – Since the programs are from two of the world’s most respected organizations, you’ll be learning from quality sources and your efforts will be well-regarded by employers.
  5. Student Paced – You can move forward through the program at your own pace, ensuring that you don’t get left behind or grow bored.  Learn at the speed that suits you the best.
  6. Interactivity – Instead of just giving you videos of lectures or diagrams, the method of learning used by edX is highly interactive.  Embedded quizzes, Q and A sessions, online labs, immediate feedback, and more are all utilized to enhance the learning.
  7. Price – The price is right when it comes to edX.  It’s free.  These two juggernauts of higher education are offering their online courses for free, letting you learn without having to pay a fortune to do so.
  8. Flexibility – A busy schedule can make learning difficult, and even the more popular online degree programs require you to achieve certain deadlines each week.  The schedules at edX are among the most flexible in the industry, making it easy to fit your education into your daily routine.
  9. Nonprofit – It’s important to note that the not for profit structure of edX means that education is the main focus, not anything else.  Even with free programs, sometimes groups shift their focus away from education quality.  That won’t happen here.
  10. Teacher Quality – The quality of instruction is unmatched at edX since the programs are designed and overseen by some of the very best educators in the world.  Teachers from both Harvard and MIT are lending their expertise to the program to ensure it’s the best it can be.

With over sixty million dollars invested in edX so far, both schools involved are putting their full efforts into ensuring that it is the best possible open source education option available today.  The future of education is online, and this program is one of the flagship programs leading the way into that bold future.