20 Most Sought After For Profit Colleges Online – Finding the Best

Education is one of the most important parts of your life.  It’s the one thing that can have a tremendous impact on your future and is something you shouldn’t take lightly.  There are numerous colleges and universities out there to choose from and actually picking the right school will have a big impact on your ability to find success in your education and in your career afterwards.  As a result, taking the time to find the best school is important.

Today, online education is becoming a huge part of higher learning.  More colleges than ever before are offering online programs and most experts agree that it will be the future of learning.  There are plenty of traditional universities offering online programs as well as numerous colleges that are actually for-profit institutions.   More and more students are enrolling in for-profit colleges for several reasons.

  • For profit colleges are essentially operated like a business.  They have investors and make many decisions just as a major corporation would.
  • However, they offer a way for students to learn on their own through online education and make it much easier for today’s students to fit education into their daily routine.
  • They’re normally a bit less expensive as well and make it easier for students to fit an education into their budget.

While they’re excellent choices if they match up with your goals, it’s important to remember that not all for profit colleges are created equally.  Some of them are actually nothing more than ‘diploma mills’ that hand you a degree worth nothing more than the paper it’s printed on for your hard earned money.  Employers don’t even regard these degrees with respect, which is why finding good for profit colleges is important.

There are a few hallmarks of a good for profit college.

  • Fairly priced
  • Online
  • Very convenient
  • Accredited
  • Good instructors
  • Respected programs

All of those things add up to create a great online for profit college.  It’s still hard to decide which the best is for you, but the following list should help make it a little easier to figure out which one is the right call.

  1. ITT Educational Services
  2. Kaplan University
  3. Education Management Corporation
  4. Corinthian Colleges
  5. Carrington College
  6. Devry University
  7. Strayer University
  8. Ashford University
  9. American Public University System
  10. University of Phoenix
  11. Drexel University Online
  12. Capella University
  13. Northcentral University
  14. University of Atlanta
  15. California Southern University
  16. American Sentinel University
  17. American Public University System
  18. New Charter University
  19. TUI University
  20. Grand Canyon University

All of these are well sought after, respected online for profit colleges.  It’s important, however, that you take the time to look at what each one offers you and your specific situation in order to ensure that you get the most from your online education.  There are lots of different things to consider here, from the type of programs offered to the degrees awarded.  Some may also have actual campuses in your area that you can visit to get help with admissions or other issues that can arise.

Take your time and do a bit of research and you’ll be able to determine which of these is the right one for you and your education.  Consider your goals and compare them to what each school offers and you’ll be well on your way to the degree that you want.