10 Reasons why President Obama Wants you to Pursue Online Education – The Facts

While any president is certainly polarizing, few have matched the level of discussion that President Obama has over the last few years. Love him or hate him, he does have ideas that are making waves in the country. All political debate aside, the fact is that Obama is making a huge push towards online education. He wants to start early as well, boosting the number of elementary and high schools that are using e-textbooks as well as enhancing grants for online education at higher levels. He has started to increase funding for grants, technology, and more in order to improve the chance of online education growing over the coming years. But just why is he putting so much effort and energy into promoting online learning? There are lots of different reasons for that, and taking a look at ten of them will help you see why online education is an inevitable change in our future.

  1. Money – That’s what it all comes down to, really, isn’t it? It really is cheaper for schools to transition over to digital in the long run. Consider that the government alone spends more than seven billion dollars a year on textbooks for public schools, and you’ll see why it’s an issue worth addressing. And when online education works out for college level students, it’s easier to transition over to high school and elementary schools as well.
  2. Moms – By pumping more money into online education grants, it’s possible for more mothers than ever before to enroll in online colleges and get the financial aid they need to help pay for it. That means that more people than ever will have opportunities they couldn’t have before.
  3. Efficiency – Studies have found that web connected materials actually help students learn more efficiently and can actually boost overall test scores.
  4. Insurance – There’s a lot said over the last few years about Obama’s health plan, and the simple fact is that when you graduate you’ll be able to take on better jobs that fit better into the plan for universal health care coverage.
  5. Foreign Countries – Competition in the global economy is fiercer than ever, and other countries are consistently scoring higher in test scores than American students. Better education opportunities can lead to America getting back to the level of respect in the industry we once had.
  6. Improved School System Overall – As more people embrace online learning, the overall strain on the school system will be lessened and the quality of our education system will improve.
  7. Environmental Factors – Not an obvious reason, of course, but the fact is that when you’re not commuting to school you’ll be able to avoid contributing to fossil fuel consumption.
  8. More Cash in Your Pocket – Going back to money for a moment, remember that since online education can save you a good bit of money, that means that you’ll have more money in your pocket to use on a daily basis, thus helping to stimulate the economy overall.
  9. Housing – Once you’ve graduated from an online program and land the job you’re hoping for, you’ll be more qualified for loans that you can use to buy a home. That too stimulates the economy significantly.
  10. The Future – The more educated, skilled citizens we have the better the chances of the future of our nation being improved. Simply put, by learning new skills you can help develop technologies or join teams that will lead the nation well into the future, whether in health care, business administration, computer technology, or some other area of expertise.