17 Great YouTube Videos About Online Education

Millions of students are choosing to attend college or university classes online.  Programs offering degrees via the internet are expanding rapidly.  With the rise in availability and respectability of online education, many people are investigating if it is the right move for them.  If you are considering pursuing a degree online, you may want more information about the experience from both educational experts and students who have successfully navigated the process.  Here are 17 fantastic YouTube videos that can give you information about online education.

1.  Learning Online:  An overview of the benefits and difficulties associated with online education.  Professors also discuss the differences in teaching styles in traditional versus online formats.  The end of the video talks about ways to predict whether or not it will be right for you.

2.  Best Practices in Online Education:  John Fritz, a university expert in instructional technology, discusses learning in an online format.  This is helpful to learn what to look for in an online program.

3.  Bill Gates on In-Person vs Online Education:  Bill Gates answers a question about how online education will change different segments of education, such as elementary versus post-secondary learning via the internet.

4.  Higher Learning: Online Education:  Expert from Rhode Island discusses the emergence of online degree programs offered from traditional universities, like the University of Central Florida.

5.  How to Take Online Education Classes:  This video offers a step-by-step guide to what you need to start an online education.  Time and materials listed are discussed, as well as how to choose school from which to earn your degree.

6.  Video in Online Education:  Rob Bowe, an academic technology expert from the National College of Education presents a lecture on how video should be used in online education.

7.  Students in the Online Education Environment:  This is a brief video where students in an online program tell what they like about the format.

8.  A Brief Overview of Synchronous Online Learning:  A class lecture and presentation discussing advantages and disadvantages of synchronous online learning.

9.  The Benefits of Online Learning:  Online education students and professionals talk about the benefits of the online education format.

10.  Can Online Education Help You Find a Job?:  In the tough economic climate, where jobs are scarce, many people wonder if they can improve their chances of getting a job by pursuing an online degree.

11.  Online Education and Degrees:  The online education experience is discussed in contrast to the traditional learning paradigm.

12.  Advantages of Online Degrees:  Graduates from online degree programs talk about the reasons they chose to pursue an online degree and what the advantages were.

13.  Online Education Experiences #1:  Michael Satz:  Michael Satz did a four-year bachelor’s degree program in just two years.  He discusses accelerating an education through an online program.

14.  Online Education Experiences #2: Opening Doors:  Philene Harte, a Master’s student in Education, talks about how pursuing an online degree helped boost her resume and job performance.

15.  Online Education Experiences #3:  Dr. John Sullivan:  Academic Dean Dr. John Sullivan completed his PhD program online in a little less than three years.  He discusses a typical day in online education.

16.  Online Education Experiences #4:  Coming Back:  Mara Greene describes what it was like to go back to college to finish her degree online as a single mom.

17.  Online Education Experiences #5:  Moving Up the Ranks:  Sgt. Jason Turner, a police officer, discussed the flexibility of working online for his Associate’s degree and how he made it work with a full time job.