5 Advantages of Studying During the Holidays

– Getting More from your Downtime

While the holidays are a time filled with fun, friends, and family, there are also plenty of people who continue on with their work or their studies during the holidays.  Whether it’s a short holiday like the Fourth of July or a longer one like Christmas time, there are plenty of reasons to keep working.  While you don’t have to work straight through, squeezing in a few minutes or hours of studying can have a huge impact on your online education.  It may sound unappealing, but if you’re serious about getting the most from your online education then you may want to consider the advantages that studying during the holidays can offer you.

  1. Fewer Distractions – Yes, it’s hard to focus at times when you have a house full of family or guests, but for many people the holidays mean that you have fewer professional distractions.  Most who are enrolled in online classes hold down a full time job.  When the holiday roll around there’s a good chance you’ll have some downtime at work.  If so, it’s the perfect time to get some work done on your studies.  You’ll still have plenty of free time to enjoy the holidays, but now is a great time to get serious progress made in your schoolwork.
  2. Less Pressure – Most online schools actually reduce or stop assignments during holidays as well.  While that means that you don’t have to spend your time working on classwork, it also means that those who do will experience much less pressure.  The stress of having a fast-approaching deadline is lifted and you’ll likely get more work done that is of a better quality thanks to that fact.
  3. Getting Ahead – Since you’ll be doing schoolwork for your online class during the holidays when you likely have few real deadlines, you will actually be able to get a big head start on your schoolwork.  That means that you’ll have a greater buffer when classes do resume as normal again and will be able to give yourself some breathing room overall.  It’s a perfect way to get ahead and stay ahead on your schoolwork.
  4. Catch Up – Similarly, those students who have found themselves lagging behind in terms of their deadlines and their schoolwork can use this period of downtime to catch up with their studies.  Whether you’re a day or two behind or a week behind, you’ll be amazed at just what is possible when you have a few days to really apply yourself and get caught up on your studies.  It’s a great way to reset yourself and get remotivated for the upcoming lessons.  Just knowing you’re back where you need to be is a big deal that can’t be overstated.
  5. Family Support – Yes, your family may be visiting during the holidays.  But that doesn’t really mean that they’re only going to distract you from your studies.  In most cases they can actually help.  They’ll likely provide you a bit of moral support, but in many instances you’ll find that they can help lighten your load during their visit.  Parents trying to finish their schoolwork may be able to let the grandparents help with the kids for a few hours, for example.  It’s great having a support system in place, and at no time is that greater than during the holiday season.

Simply put, it can be difficult during the busy holiday season to actually fit time in for your studies.  But more and more online students are realizing that it’s really one of the very best times for studying that they’ll have.  The five points above help to highlight just why you shouldn’t spend the holidays ignoring your schoolwork.  Make a bit of time for it during the day and you’ll be glad you did.