55 Most Helpful Education Technology Websites

Education Technology is a field that is booming right now.  In a world where children are exposed to massive amounts of technology from very young ages, learning from new technology just comes naturally.  Teachers who utilize technology in conjunction with instruction create richer classroom environments.  At the same time, online degree programs are becoming more and more prevalent.  Education technology is an area that deserves study and application.  Here are some helpful Ed Tech websites:

Teacher/Student Interaction

1.  Gnowledge:  This education platform is free to use, and teachers and students can create and post assignments and more.

2.  MuchEnough:  Teachers can market their teaching via the internet in this education-focused social marketplace.

3.  Schoology:  Manage lessons and engage with students in one place on Schoology.

4.  TutorHub:  Students can find and connect with online tutors on this website.

5.  4Teachers:  This site is focused on integrating technology into the classroom.

Educational Videos

6.  Khan Academy:  This site holds over 3,000 videos teaching a huge array of subjects.

7.  WatchKnowLearn:  Another website with a huge library of instructional videos, indexed by level and subject.

8.  YouTube Teachers:  Education videos can be a very effective teaching tool.  This segment of YouTube helps teachers find and utilize videos.

9.  NBC Learn:  This site helps students find documented events and investigative journalism from the vaults of the NBC Corporation.

10.  GrockIt Answers:  Need to find a video to explain a concept or answer a question?  GrockIt searches YouTube to find answers to your questions.


11.  Skype in the Classroom:  Connect students to experts around the globe or other cultures with Skype in the Classroom.

12.  Sophia:  Recognizing that everyone learns differently, Sophia provides a community area for students to meet securely and exchange ideas on subjects.

13.  StudyBoost:  Study groups can meet online to study using a website or mobile devices.

14.  Dweeber:  Students who want to collaborate on a group project or study for a class can meet up on Dweeber.

15.  We Video:  This is a great site for group projects, as it facilitates creating a video as a team.

Creating Technology (Audio/Video/Presentations)

16.  SoundCloud for Education:  Create and share audio files in a free environment.

17.  Slide Rocket:  This website allows teachers and students to create beautiful presentations to be used for assignments or in instruction.

18.  FreshBrain:  Students or teachers can create and share their own technology products.

19.  19 Pencils:  Teachers can create a class website to share educational content from all over the web that is pertinent to the study topic.

20.  Roxio PhotoShow:  Easy to use and intuitive, this web tool will help students and instructors create presentations that are stunning.

Lesson Plans

21.  PlanbookEdu:  Creating and organizing lesson plans is made simple with this web 2.0 tool.

22.  StudyLadder:  Over a million people use StudyLadder to find educational games, lesson plans, and activities that teach the core subjects.

23.  LessonWriter:  Create and store lesson plans online with this no-nonsense website.

24.  BetterLesson:  Post lesson plans or find a better way to teach a lesson from master teachers from around the globe.

25.  FunSchool:  This website gives great experiment and craft ideas, as well as games, to enrich a classroom experience.

26.  KidsKnowIt:  Lesson plans, ideas, activities, videos, and music are available for teachers and students here.

27.  Kubbu:  Teachers can create quizzes, games, and other materials and share them.

28.  Timesavers for Teachers:  This website has forms that teachers use frequently to help them save time.

29.  The Learning Network:

30.  A to Z Kid Stuff:  Printables and activities for pre-school through elementary aged children are available on this site.

Subject Specific Sites

31.  BoomWriter:  This website is an engaging creative writing tool to get students writing more, reading more, and thinking more.

32.  HyperNotes:  Create a historical timeline and more on this educational web page.

33.  Desmos:  A gorgeous (and free) online graphing calculator is the centerpiece of this website.

34.  Tiki-Toki:  This innovative website allows students and teachers to create amazingly creative and beautiful time lines.

35.  Ptable:  Chemistry students and teachers will love this interactive periodic table of elements.

36.  Google Earth:  Geography, history, and science teachers can use this map tool to ‘see’ anywhere on earth.

37.  Math Goodies:  This math-centered web page helps teachers instruct math students effectively.

38.  ScienceMag:  Science research is presented in easy to understand language, appropriate for middle school through college.


39.  Game Up:  Created by Brain Pop, this website is a treasure trove of educational games.

40.  ProProfs:  ProProfs is a great source for flashcards, quizzes, games, and other educational tools.

41.  FunBrain:  Math and reading are the focus subjects for this educational game website.

42.  Sheppard Software:  This free educational game website covers a number of games in different subjects.

43.  Discovery Game Central:  Discovery Channel offers educational games for older students.

44.  Prongo:  This online game web page has games for 3-6, 6-9, and 9-12 year olds.

45.  NobelPrize Educational Games:  Appropriate for middle school to high school students can learn through games like the Blood Typing Game.

46.  National Geographic Kids:  Kids can learn about animals and their habitats through the games on Nat Geo Kids.

Other Resources

47.  Useful Charts:  Charts of all kinds, organized by subject, are available on this website.

48.  PaperRater:  Need a proofreader?  This web page will check grammar and spelling, as well as plagiarism.

49.  Plagiarisma:  Plagiarisma is a web 2.0 tool that is used for checking to see if any part of your text is plagiarized.

50.  FauxFlash:  Creating flashcards is the primary function of this website.

51.  FunnelBrain:  This is a fun website to use when creating flashcards and quizzes.

52.  Memidex:   This easy to use dictionary also provides etymology and a thesaurus.

53.  Time Search:  Time Search is a unique search engine which finds things through searching a timeline.

54.  Catch:  This is a free app for mobile devices that is perfect for taking notes during a class.

55.  Evernote:  The quintessential note taking web 2.0 tool that is accessible anywhere and can be search for finding notes easily.