7 Killer Ways to Bump Up your Speed Reading Skills – Improve your Speed

Reading is not only a life skill, but it’s also something that can really be enjoyable as well.  Not only that, but when you’re taking part in online education or any other kind of education, being able to read well is vital.  Simply put, the faster that you can read the better your experience will be.  That’s why it’s so important to take the time needed to master reading and to try to bump up your speed reading skills.  While you don’t have to be able to read an entire novel in a matter of a few hours, reading quickly and effectively is still a skill worth having.

A lot of speed readers can attest to the fact that it isn’t just a natural gift – they’ve spent a lot of time honing the process.  If you’re looking to enhance your speed reading skills here are a few of the best ways to improve.

  1. Zap Reader – This is a web based program that focuses on letting you hone your speed reading skills online.  It is easy to use and is a great tool for those looking to enhance their skills at reading fast.  The default setting starts you out reading three hundred words per minute but you can move up from there quickly.
  2. Spreeder – This is a free site that focuses on giving you exercises and gradually boosting your overall speed reading ability.  It’s not fancy or flashy, but it does work when you have the willingness to succeed at improving your overall reading speed.
  3. Read Early – Studies have found that in the early morning or whenever you first wake up your brain is better able to perform and absorb information.  If you have important reading to do, try to time it so that you’re reading it first thing in the morning.  It will pay off big and help you get the hang of reading quickly.
  4. Practice Skipping Words – When you’re speed reading one of the single most important things that you can do is to skip conjunctions and unneeded words.  Things like “and, it, the, but,” and more are all words that are common in text but not really needed.  When you train your mind to skip them you’ll notice faster reading.
  5. Watch Subtitled Movies – This is a great option that lets you stay entertained while working your brain and reading skills.  The faster you can read, the easier it will be to enjoy a foreign film.  If you don’t own any foreign movies you can always change the language and subtitle settings on DVDs you do own and get started improving your reading speed.  Plus, you get to see some great films in the process.
  6. Read Fiction – While watching movies is a great way to enjoy your free time, and while foreign films can really boost your abilities to read quickly, actually taking the time to enjoy a work of fiction as frequently as you can will also have an impact on your reading skills.  Try reading short stories, alternating between reading one traditionally and then speed reading one.  Or read a novel using the basic principles of speed reading.  Be sure you enjoy the story, but try to boost your speed as you work your way through the books.
  7. Practice – Yes, it’s not quite as exciting or fun as some of the other options, but no matter how you approach it the fact remains that the only way to boost your reading skills is to practice.  Don’t just utilize one of the above methods, either.  Mix it up and use several of the steps above as frequently as you can.  You’ll find that you’re able to get some very real results.