9 Straight Shooting Reasons a College Education Impacts Your Career

– Just the Facts

It’s so common to be told that a college education has a positive impact on your career that many people have actually tuned it out.  But the fact is that the reason it’s said so often is that it’s the truth.  Nothing else will have an impact on your overall professional future quite like your level of education.  Having a college degree is a must in nearly all cases, and while you may hear the rare story of a high school graduate or even a dropout who made millions, the fact is that that is a rarity with chances so small they’re hardly even worth mentioning.

But for those who are still doubtful of what a college education can do for their career, here are nine blunt but true facts that cut through all of the politeness and explain it in bare bones terms.

  1. Skills – The most obvious is simply the skills you’ll have.  Plenty of people feel that they function better when they’re self-taught, and that’s fine if you’re learning to play the guitar.  But no matter how many books you read, it will never match the abilities you’ll gain when an experienced teacher is imparting their wisdom to you.  Simply put, learning from a professor gives you the skills you need to succeed.
  2. Qualifications – Many of the best jobs have a college degree as a requirement.  It doesn’t matter if you grew up on your dad’s lap in a board room, learning from the masters of their craft.  Don’t have the degree?  You won’t even be considered for the job.  It’s not a matter of what you’ve done on your own – that piece of paper is proof that you know your stuff.
  3. Attractiveness – Finding employment today is competitive in nature, and in many cases employers actually find their potential employees by looking at their resumes online.  If you have a high school degree and another candidate on the list has a Master’s degree, just who do you think will be selected for the job?
  4. Discipline – Your college education actually imparts discipline on you.  Along with learning how to excel in the field you study, you learn self-discipline and how to perform under stress.  You’ll perform better at your job and get more from it.
  5. Salary – Even if you are hired on to a company, the level of education that you possess will have a direct impact on your overall salary and influence what you make each year.  If you want to make more money, you need more education.
  6. Promotion – Two people who have been working the same job for the same amount of time may have only a degree to set them apart.  When a promotion opportunity arises, the person with the degree usually gets the promotion.  If you’re planning on working your way up the ladder, your degree will have an impact.
  7. More Choices – While finding a job is harder to do today than ever before, your degree will actually make it easier for you to find one since you’ll have more choices that you fit into.
  8. Connections – The cold hard fact is that sometimes it’s a matter of who you know, not what you know.  A college education could put you in connection with professors or internship opportunities you’d miss otherwise.
  9. Less Unemployment – Research has found that those with a college degree are as much as five times less likely to suffer unemployment than those without it.  And the higher the level of degree, the less likely the chance of unemployment actually is.  Over half of today’s jobs require a degree.  In other words, you’ll be more likely to find work somewhere when you have a degree.