Australia Online Education Market

There is a great deal of demand for highly educated workers in modern Australia. This is one of the major drivers for the boom in online education here. As of 2009, most Australians who were of working age – 18 or older – had taken some sort of educational courses in that year, and at least ½ of them were online courses. Australia definitely has seen an uptick in the demand for education and especially online education in the years since the global economic slowdown took place.

A government report in 2009 reported that almost 90% of Australians ages 18-64 had taken some type of educational course in the previous 12 months. Some of the online learning that took place was due to job training, but a good quarter of it was for classes that were needed for an online degree program. Some of the most common subjects for online coursework were management and commerce.

Another report determined the online education market in this country has soared by 20%. By the end of 2011, it was thought that the entire online education market in Australia would reach nearly $5 billion per year. Some of the major online educators here include Kaplan, Seek Learning, and Open Universities Australia. There also are many other smaller universities that also have a strong presence. More of these small for profit institutions of learning are growing every year as it becomes clear what a strong market this is for online education. One of the reasons these companies are coming is not just the demand from Australians, but from foreigners who want an Australian-based education.

Some of the demand for online Australian education is for students who are in Asia. The international market is expected to soar for Australian online education in the next decade. If this does indeed take place, there is little doubt that Australia will be one of the leading providers of online education in the world.