Japan Online Education Market Opportunities

Japan is one country where the demand for online education is very strong. This is due to several factors. First, many students in Japan have some familiarity with English. Second, the Japanese culture is strongly motivated generally to be well educated, and a good education is strongly valued here both by society and by employers.

Also, while the public education system in Japan is generally strong, the cost of education here is quite high. This means that many students without financial means can be left out of higher education. This is why online education is becoming so popular here. It provides people with the opportunity to improve their skills at an affordable cost.

Having a strong education is very important in Japan in terms of earning power. A female with a university degree will earn an amazing 91% more than a woman with a high school degree. Men with a college degree will earn 40% more than a man with a high school diploma. Also, the chances of having a full-time job greatly increases with a college degree.

Much about the education system here is excellent. Japanese students usually perform well on most comparisons to other countries, no matter their social status. And fewer students here drop out of school.

Still, Japan has very high tuitions in college, and more than 1.5 million students in 2010 reported having financial problems with affording college. While education in primary and secondary school is free, college is still expensive and there is not enough government support in terms of low-cost loans, grants and scholarships.

Thus, it is very clear why there is such a booming demand for online education in Japan.