United Kingdom UK Online Education Market

The United Kingdom frequently has been cited by college and university students around the world as one of the best places to receive an education. Strong education is valued highly in the UK, so many people do want to get an education here. However the high cost of living in the UK, as well as the difficulty in getting a visa from some countries, means that many people do not have the means to travel here to get their college degree.

That is why online education is becoming so popular with foreign students who still want to get an education in the UK. Today, there are over 200,000 foreign students who are studying for UK degrees in their home countries. They are doing so by online distance education.

The United Kingdom has for a long time been providing high quality education to students abroad. Just about all universities in the UK are now actively involved in distance learning. All UK degrees have very high standards and these standards are also kept with the online programs. You are expected to meet the same high standards with your online program as students on campus in the country itself.

The good news for foreigners who want to get a UK education online is that the government is expanding its distance education efforts. A recent report by the government recommended an injection of $160 million over a five year period to increase the online education offerings in the UK.

The report stated that while setting up online education systems in the UK costs money up front, many universities can achieve economical systems by sharing the financial burden with other universities and also partnering with private companies, who can provide some of the funding.

New efforts in the UK also are being made, the report noted, in teaching computer competency to college professors in the country. This way, the there would be more consistency in the quality of the distance learning courses offered. The government also is trying, the report states, to make the many outstanding online courses and programs in the UK easier to find, so that the United Kingdom can grab a larger share of the global online education market.

So, for foreign students who want to have the asset of a high quality UK degree on their resume, the future is indeed bright for online education from the United Kingdom.