11 Best Tips for Using Twitter for Online Education

– Making it Yours

There’s no denying that Twitter has become a tremendous force in the world. Millions of users utilize it to carry on conversations, keep track of one another, post updates on their lives, and even to access information. As Twitter has evolved over the last few years, it has become one of the driving forces in the digital world. And while it’s great to keep up with your favorite celebrities, there are also plenty of ways that you can put Twitter to work for you. If you’re an online education student, there are numerous ways to utilize your Twitter account so it will benefit you. Here are some of the best ways to do just that.

  1. Don’t bog down your feed with so many celebrities and companies that you lose focus. It’s easy to become distracted in the digital world, and if you’re trying to utilize Twitter then you need to be sure you’re eliminating the majority of those. Sure, following a few of your favorite people is fine. But six education related follows and sixty entertainment ones is a bit unbalanced.
  2. Build up a community based on education. Along with number one above, this is important. Focus on creating a kind of network that connects you with the various organizations and individuals who will actually impact your learning.
  3. For the two reasons above as well as others, you may want to opt for creating a separate Twitter profile just for your education. This way you can use your personal account however you want and then log in to your education account when you want to focus on your learning.
  4. Follow your school’s feed. Even though online learning isn’t going to include updates about things like sporting events and the like, you will still be able to learn about upcoming deadlines, new programs, and other happenings through your school’s twitter feed.
  5. Reciprocate your followers. If someone follows you, follow them back. This is important because doing so establishes a back and forth line of communication, something that is vital for success when it comes to educational use of Twitter.
  6. Utilize hashtags effectively. These are great for not only tagging your own posts to draw attention to your account, but for finding the information that you’re looking for at a specific time. It’s like Twitter’s search engine, so use it well. (example #onlineeducation)
  7. Ask questions to your followers. You can use Twitter to get opinions on programs, problems, and much more with a simple tweet. Once you’ve built a network it’s easy to get support when you need it.
  8. Don’t drive your followers crazy with constant posts about boring or whiny posts. Building a Twitter education network means not posting about your morning coffee or the rain outside. Post useful content to ensure that your followers don’t desert you.
  9. Don’t hesitate to use Twitter to find information. Recently guidelines have actually been put in place for how to properly reference Twitter as a source on papers, something that stands as evidence for its effectiveness in research.
  10. Share useful information that you find interesting. This way you’ll help draw more followers to your own page and build your network.
  11. Use the ‘favorites’ settings to organize your feed and stream. Even if you’re using a separate Twitter account for your education this is a great way to filter out various posts and get to the ones you really want to use.

Twitter is powerful and has changed the way that the world communicates. These eleven tips will help you utilize it effectively for your online education. It’s easy to do and can be truly beneficial.