15 Apps that will Change how You Manage your Time – Take Charge of the Day

The world has become a hectic, fast-paced place and today it’s never been more difficult to juggle all of your obligations.  This is especially true when you’re an online student since you’re likely balancing family, work, and your education in the hopes of moving your life forward for the better.  Technology can help make it just a little easier to manage your time.  Whether helping you plan, saving you some seconds here and there, or just lifting some of the stress off your shoulders, there are plenty of apps that can help.  Here are fifteen of the best time management related apps.

  1. Read it Later Free – It’s easy to get sidelined on the net.  Read it Later is a free app that allows you to tag a post and store it in temporary memory, and then read it later even if you’re offline.  It’s perfect when you see an article that interests you but you don’t have the time to check it out at the moment.
  2. Launchy – Launchy does just what it sounds like and serves as a launching platform for all of your other apps and tools.  Instead of having to search for .exe files or documents, Launchy makes it easy to get anything up and going in seconds.
  3. Simplenote – Simplenote syncs all of your notes and lists in one easy to access location so you don’t have to waste time digging for them.
  4. Google Calendar – Yes, it’s a basic app that most people have access to, but not enough people actually utilize this powerful planner.  With its ability to organize your entire life easily it’s a lifesaver in many cases.
  5. Remember the Milk – This program can be synced with your Google Calendar or used on its own.  You can get reminders through email, SMS, or instant messaging.  It’s essentially for those of us who are so busy we often forget things.
  6. Rescue Time – This is a must for anyone online.  This app runs in the background and logs all of your activity, giving you an in-depth look at what you do with your time down to the second.  You can modify your activity to give yourself more free time.
  7. LastPass – If you’re spending time trying to remember passwords you need this app, which makes it easy to access all of your passwords in one place.
  8. WorkRave – This app encourages you to actually enjoy yourself during the day by alerting you to when the time has come for a short break.  Set it and use it and you’ll likely see an increase in productivity and a decrease in your stress levels.
  9. Hyperwords – If you use the Firefox browser you’ll love Hyperwords.  By highlighting a word anywhere on the page you’ll get a list of possible actions like translations, searches with the word, and more.
  10. AutoHotKey – This program allows you to assign hotkeys to your most commonly used tasks to save you a significant amount of time.
  11. Dragon Dictation – If typing is slowing you down this app may be able to help.  Simply speak and the software will listen to your words and write them for you.  It’s a great way to speed up the process.
  12. Quill – If you’re taking notes on your Droid, this app can save you the difficult task of typing on the small screen.  Use a stylus and you can take notes in your handwriting, just as if writing on paper.
  13. Google Task Organizer – This lets you sync all of your to do lists or obligations from other Google programs onto your phone.
  14. Later – This combines audible reminders with game-style achievements to add a little fun into your time management efforts.
  15. Checklist Wrangler – This lets you make checklists and modify them on the go.  It makes keeping track of your life easy.