15 Time Management Web Tools for Online Education Students

Adults who are pursuing higher education online are often balancing work, family, friends, and classes.  There is only so much time in a day, so online education students must be especially diligent about using it well.  These time management web tools can assist online education students in using their limited time efficiently and effectively through calendar organization, task management, project management, and productivity improvement.

Calendar Web Tools

Knowing what needs to be done and when it is happening is central to time management.  A calendar is the basic tool that can keep students in the right place at the right time.

1.  Google Calendar

With the number one recommended online calendar, on-the-go students can view a personalized calendar on mobile devices, share it with family, friends, or colleagues, and schedule alarms and reminders.  An off-line option keeps students on track even when they do not have access to the internet.

2. Cozi

This free online calendar is perfect for parents who are enrolled in online courses.  This family calendar offers color-coded scheduling, so a student can see at a glance which person (or persons) the event applies to.  It also has planning and to-do list function to make balancing family, work, and school easier.

3.  Rainlendar

for the basic version (Professional version available for under $20)

The primary benefit to this calendar and lists tool is the ability to customize the language (over fifty languages available) and look of the calendars (numerous skins which can be applied).

4.  30 Boxes

This calendar web tool will help students remember important events, accomplish tasks, connect with friends and family, and stay organized while balancing all areas of life.

5.  Famundo

A family hub organizer and calendar that is similar to Cozi, Famundo is more centered on connecting busy family members and keeping events organized than providing for household planning.

Task Management Web Tools

An online education is basically a series of tasks that need to be accomplished.  Task management web tools make it easy to keep all those to-do lists organized and accessible.

6.  Remember the Milk

When it comes to a task management app for mobile devices, Remember the Milk is king.  With capabilities for unlimited lists, versions for all types of mobile devices, prioritizing features, syncing to popular calendar apps, and an easy to use, clear interface, this web tool has been relied on by many online and traditional college students for years.

7.  Mind42

For visual learners, this organization, brainstorming, and organization tool is perfect.  The Mind42 online app creates mind maps that visually connect ideas and tasks.  Students can share these with project collaborators, professors, or family members, depending on what part of their lives are affected.

8.  Producteev

for 2-user version (increasing users requires upgrading to a purchase version)

This online task management app offers the most features in the industry, including notifications, superior integration, collaboration, calendar, contacts, and multiple workspaces.

9.  Voo2Doo

With Voo2Doo, students can schedule and organize tasks by project, so all the pertinent information is centralized.  They can also be tagged with categories, like work, personal, school, etc.

10.  Flow

Cost:  $9.99 a month

Both a task management and a project management web tool, Flow could be put in this category or the following.  It includes unlimited collaboration, centralized organization, and access from numerous devices.

Project Management Web Tools

Many online degrees require group projects, just like the real world work environment.  Collaborating with groups of people electronically can get tricky without a project management web tool to keep everyone up to date and on task.

11.  Basecamp

Cost:  Starts at $20 per month

This innovative project management web tool has everything a team needs to communicate ideas and collaborate on all types of projects.  It organizes pertinent information by discussion, to-do lists, files (images, video, final draft presentations, etc.), and text documents (drafts, brainstorming, ideas, etc.).

12.  Backpack

Cost:  Starts at $24 per month

Similar to Basecamp in function, the interface for Backpack is based around Backpack pages to the right of the screen.  These pages included tagged or frequently visited web pages which apply to the project at hand.

13.  Collabtive

With a more modern interface than most open source project management web tools, Collabtive is a cloud-based group platform for sharing project goals, tasks, and related files.

Productivity Web Tools

Efficiency and quick completion of tasks allows online education students to get school work done and a degree finished in a timely manner.

14.  AutoHotKey

The AutoHotKey app helps students speed up frequent operations, allowing users to create shortcut keystrokes for just about anything, including phrases you use often during typing.

15.  Launchy

Launchy allows busy students to create shortcuts for launching programs and files as quickly as possible, eliminating a search through the desktop or start-up menu.