19 Web 2.0 Tools Every Online Education Student Should Use

Online Education has many benefits for its students; including flexibility of schedule, individualized attention, research-focused approach, and the ability to accelerate earning a degree.  Web 2.0 tools make what is already a very beneficial format of teaching and learning even more advantageous.  Using these technology tools, students can make their lives more organized and less stressful.  School work times will be utilized more efficiently and productively, using apps like the following nineteen web 2.0 tools for online education students.

1.  SlideShare:  The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words holds true in online education.  Presentations for class of made easily and with more flare with this web 2.0 tool.

2.  Prezi:  Prezi helps students create presentation slideshows which are visually stimulating and creative while getting the information across.

3.  Glogster:  A great site for using creativity to create visually appealing posters for presentation or study purposes.  You can share them with others right away with this tool.

4.  Edmodo:  This web 2.0 tool provides a place for teachers and students to connect with one another, answer questions, and enhance learning.

5.  Google Docs:  This amazingly handy web 2.0 tool is basically your school desk on the computer.  It is a place to create, store, and share word processing docs, presentation files, charts, graphs, templates, and spreadsheets for any assignment.

6.  Zoho:  Used by over 6 million people, Zoho apps are an alternative to Google Docs and other Google apps.

7.  Schoology:  This is a teacher-student communication tool online that provides a safe place for exchanging ideas and assignments.

8.  EasyBib:  Bibliographies are a snap with the right web 2.0 tools.  Find and cite sources with EasyBib effortlessly.

9.  Dictionary.com:  With a thesaurus, famous quotes, word of the day, and other reference materials in addition to a dictionary, this web 2.0 tool is a must-have for all online students.

10.  XMind:  This technology tool is a mind mapping app that allows students to map out connections between study materials or events on the screen.

11.  MyStickies:  Online education students do a ton of research online.  MyStickies is a tool that lets students place sticky notes on web pages and take notes on important information.

12.  GradeFix:  Scheduling out assignments is a good skill for online education students to have, but it is even better when a web 2.0 tool will do it for you.

13.  Alfred:  Boost your productivity by creating shortcuts to launch applications quickly with this tool.  Create keystroke commands that launch your customized app combinations.

14.  Blackboard Mobile Learn:  This on-the-go app lets you access your entire educational experience from your mobile devices.

15.  TED:  Experts in a wide range of fields give inspirational and instructional short talks through this innovative app.

16.  Flashcard Machine:  Create flashcards to review material and share with classmates with this intuitive app.  You can use words and images.

17.  Collabtive:  Working together in groups online can be tricky, but not with a web 2.0 tool to facilitate connecting and collaborating.  Best of all, it’s free!

18.  Flow:  This web 2.0 tool helps with task and project management, two of the most important parts of an online education program.  Everything is organized neatly according to project and teams can collaborate easily and securely.

19.  Google Calendar:  This calendar app helps busy online education students keep up with everything in their lives.  They don’t have to worry about losing it because it is online and accessible off-line.  You can get to it on your computer or any mobile device.