9 Awesome Tricks on How to Learn More Vocabulary Words

 – Build your Vocabulary Easily

There are plenty of reasons to build your vocabulary.  Not only will it improve your overall comprehension of reading or even entertainment, but it will also make you a better writer and a better speaker.  Online students especially have a need for constantly building their vocabulary as they go through more advanced lessons and begin to work on more in-depth assignments.  Additionally, it’s also a bit easier for online students to build their vocabulary thanks to the fact that they’re already spending large amounts of time online where it is simple to research new words.

There are lots of different ways to improve your vocabulary, as well.  Here are nine tips to keep in mind when you’re trying to boost your vocabulary.

  1. Read – Simply put, reading is the fastest way to improve vocabulary.  Read newspapers, articles online, magazines, novels, short stories, reference books, Wikipedia, and anything else that you can.  Read constantly.  You’ll learn a tremendous amount of new words just by doing this.
  2. Use an App – There are mobile apps for nearly everything today, and there are even apps for tablets or phones that serve as flashcards or vocab builders.  Each day they’ll supply you with a new word that you can try to work into use over the course of the day.
  3. Integrate new Words – Whether you find new words through reading, an app, or some other method, be sure that you actually integrate the words into your daily usage.  If you don’t use them you’ll probably forget their meaning, so during the course of a day try to use the new word at least once or twice when possible.  If you use a different word, make a mental note and try to remember next time.
  4. Play a Game – Much like there are free apps that build vocabulary specifically, there are also free games on mobile devices, PCs, and even Facebook or Google Plus that allow you to hone your vocabulary skills.  Scrabble and Words with Friends are two perfect examples of this!
  5. Do a Crossword – Even if you don’t complete the puzzle, just taking the time to fill out a crossword puzzle can often boost your vocabulary significantly.  Newspapers offer them in some instances and it’s fairly easy to find them elsewhere – even in the aforementioned mobile device app world.
  6. Use Online Resources – There are actually entire websites or resource pools that are devoted to nothing but vocabulary and improving it.  By simply logging in and running through some basic exercises you’ll be on your way to a better vocabulary.
  7. Substitute – This is an interesting option if you’re serious about boosting vocabulary.  Think of random words during the day and try to substitute them with others that work the same way.  Words used more frequently are even better choices since you’ll be drawn into improving them more readily, but any words will do.  Look up synonyms for certain words and try to remember them as your day goes by.
  8. Look up Unfamiliar Words – There’s a good chance that you encounter words you’re not familiar with every day.  Most people either skip and ignore them or just apply a vague understanding towards them.  Don’t do this.  Instead, take the time to look them up and see what they actually mean.  This way you’ll know how to use them yourself and be able to recognize them in the future.
  9. Test Yourself – As an online student you probably don’t relish the idea of yet another exam, but consider using a free online vocabulary examination just to help hone your skills and build your vocabulary.  It’s time well spent.