9 Great Reasons Why Online Education Students Should Use Google Docs

Online education students have their entire university experience on the computer.  Learning is conducted via the internet, which provides opportunities for finishing faster, spending less money, and a higher quality education.  However, there are technological products which can help students be more productive and less stressed.  One of those web 2.0 tools is Google Docs.  This member of the Google family really packs a punch when it comes to helping online education students get assignments done and impress professors.

The name Docs is a little misleading, because it seems so commonplace.  With so many programs out there for word processing and publications, many students might wonder how Google Docs can help them.  Here are nine reasons why online education students should use Google Docs to help facilitate their online learning experience.

1.  Create

Google Docs offers students the ability to create word processing documents, spreadsheets, presentation files, drawings (including charts and graphs) and forms online.  The programs are easy to use and don’t take up any space on a student’s computer hard drive.

2.  Save

Consider if an online student’s computer crashes or gets damaged and the files are unrecoverable.  All the work on school assignments and projects is lost forever.   Using Google Docs means that student work is saved online and can be accessed from any internet connected machine in the event of a computer mishap.

3.  Share

Documents created on this fabulous web tool can be instantly shared with professors or classmates whenever and wherever students need to share them.  If all a student’s assignments are on a single computer, they cannot be sent to the professor is the student remembers an assignment deadline while away from the computer.  With an online format, assignments can be turned in while the student is out with friends, at work, or running errands.

4.  Cost: Free

Students are notoriously low on cash.  Online students are typically juggling a number of commitments, such as careers, families, and friends, in addition to school.  All the areas of life require money, so not having to spend extra is definitely a great reason to use this powerful tool.

5.  Access

The web tool function of Google Docs allows students to access their school assignments anywhere.  Internet access on computers, tablets, smart phones, and other mobile devices mean that students can find and display documents on the go.

6.  Collaborate

Google Docs users can give others permission to make changes to documents.  Students can use this function for team project assignments, proofreading buddies, and help on research ideas.

7.  Templates

Commonly needed templates, like resumes, lab reports, and budgets, are included in Google Docs.  They are organized by work, home, school, and fun.

8.  Powerful Help

The tools are not so simplistic that students’ cannot get done what they need to.  The spreadsheet function is complex formulas, conditional formatting, pivot tables, and more.  With the drawing function, students can create charts for assignments and personal reference.

9.  Impress

The presentation function allows students to create very impressive presentations to wow their professors and use in their careers.

As you can see, Google Docs is one of the most useful and helpful technology tools on the web right now, and it’s free!  When you go to sign up, you may find that Google Docs is no more.  Don’t worry!  Soon, Google Docs will transition to Google Drive, a cloud server format which will enhance the usability and functions which students need for online education help.  Google Docs files will still be accessible, but the format will switch to Google Drive.  Best of all, the basic app will still be free and useful for online education students.