The 15 Coolest iPhone Apps for College Students – Technology for your Education

When you enroll in college, your mind will be your greatest asset.  It’s the one thing that will obviously lead you through your education.  But today there are plenty of tools that you can use in addition to books and planners that will help you get the most from your education.  Some will help with scheduling, some with studies, and some may even help you write your term paper.  No matter what the specific issue is, there’s likely to be an app for that.  With nothing more than your iPhone you can have a significant increase in your overall college experience.

Here are fifteen of the best iPhone apps out there for college students at the moment.

  1. Evernote – This is the best note taking app out there and supports note taking in multiple formats as well as online account syncing and the ability to link to Twitter.
  2. Cram – This app lets you create digital flashcards and then randomizing them and the answer locations so that you can study as needed.  You can even share your flashcards online.
  3. Wikipedia – Wikipedia has become the go to reference page for the world, and this iPhone app makes it easy to search and browse the website from your iPhone for free.
  4. iStudiez Pro – This is an organizational app that allows you to manage all of your college related notes and information in one easy to use app.  It allows color coding and has other features as well.
  5. National Geographic World Atlas – Just what it sounds like, this is the best app for learning more about the world that we live in.  It’s the most robust and fully-featured atlas app on the platform.
  6. My Homework – With a calendar, notes, deadline reminders, and scheduling features, this app is one of the best for keeping things organized and keeping your schedule in mind.
  7. New Oxford American Dictionary – No college student should be without a dictionary, and this app is easy to use and offers numerous features that help it stand out as the best.
  8. Convert Free – If you’re tired of trying to remember formulas for conversion, this app is for you.  No matter what the specific conversion this free app will handle it quickly for you.
  9. Periodic – As its name suggests, this app is the perfect reference for any student who finds him or herself relying on the periodic table regularly.
  10. Your Rights – This is a perfect app if you’re enrolled in political science or criminal justice courses since it breaks down all of your rights and other related subjects.
  11. My GPA Calculator – This app allows you to calculate your GPA.  You can use it for your semester average or for your cumulative average.
  12. mySticky Lite – This app provides a virtual bulletin board of sorts and lets you apply sticky notes to it as needed.  It’s perfect for quick reminders of things.
  13. USA Factbook – This app provides fast and reliable reference for nearly everything related to the country, from presidents to state capitals and beyond.
  14. iTranslator – Not every student will need this, but those who do will be happy to have such a powerful foreign language translator app in their pocket.
  15. Word of the Day Lite – This vocabulary building app provides you with a new word each day to help you build your vocabulary skills.

These are only fifteen of the hundreds or even thousands of apps that are currently available.  No matter what your subjects or your specific needs, there’s a good chance that you’ll find an iPhone app that can help you with it.  Use this list to get started, but don’t hesitate to try out apps that aren’t listed here.  You never know what you may find.