Top 11 Productivity Apps for Online Education Students

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Technology is changing the world every day, and in most cases it’s for the better.  Online education is beginning to grow in popularity thanks to its ability to let students learn at their own pace, on their own schedule, and with more convenience than traditional colleges.  But that’s not the end of what technology can do for your education.  If you’re looking for tools to boost what you’re capable of during your online education, you need to take a look at the various apps designed to increase productivity among online education students.

No matter what you’re looking for there’s a good chance you’ll find an app to match your needs.  Here are eleven of the very best productivity apps that online education students can use to boost their potential.

  1. PDF Expert – This app allows you to not only download and read pdf documents, but to make notes and notations as you read.  That’s important when you have a large project and several different points you want to remember.
  2. PrintMagic – This program allows you to send images or documents from your phone or tablet right to your printer.  It’s worth having if you use mobile devices often.
  3. Google Calendar – Staying organized is important and Google Calendar makes it easy to keep up with all of your responsibilities and obligations.  You can even color code each listing to make it easier to manage them.  You’ll be able to keep up with upcoming exams, project deadlines, and more.
  4. Remember The Milk – This is an extension of Google Calendar that allows you to set email reminders.  That way you’ll get a message in your inbox that will let you know what’s ahead of you.  It’s fully customizable so you can set the time or day that you actually get the reminder.
  5. DualBrowser – Those with the iPad will love the fact that DualBrowser allows them to browse the net in two separate windows.  This is perfect when you’re doing research that draws from multiple sources and lets you cross reference each website.
  6. OneNote – Similarly, this is an iPad app that allows you to create up to five hundred notes and store them, review them, and modify them as needed.  It’s free and can be a huge help when you’re on the go.  It may sound like a minor app, but once you have it you’ll wonder what you did without it.
  7. Meebo – If you communicate with other students often, Meebo is a must.  It bridges all the different IM and Chat protocols out there so that no matter what type your friends use you’ll be able to communicate.  This is perfect for online study groups or for getting connected with some friends and discussing specific problems you may be having.
  8. MindOmo – This app allows you to create ‘mindmaps’, essentially charts that track your current understanding of a subject and help you see what aspects of it you need to focus your attention on further.  It helps students learn what topics to study and gives a clear idea of where your level of comprehension is already at.
  9. Google Reader – If you follow multiple blogs then Google Reader can save you tremendous amounts of time.  It will allow you to browse headlines and track numerous websites for changes.  When you’re pulling study info from numerous sites, this is a must-have program.
  10. GoogleDocs – This is one that most computers already have but it’s worth mentioning.  Since it allows you to open nearly any document right in your browser, it’s a must for online learning.
  11. MyStickies – This app allows you to add sticky notes to any page on the web.  Revisit the page and your note is still there waiting for you.  It’s perfect when you’re deep in research and need to keep track of things.