Top 7 Best Brain Sharpening Tools for Online Students – Work out Your Brain

If you’re enrolling in online classes from schools like Capella, the University of Phoenix, or any other school that offers online programs, you’ll want to keep your mind sharp.  Numerous scientific studies now support brain training. While online learning offers a great way to enhance your knowledge and your career without having to struggle to fit your classes into a busy schedule, there are still some challenges to be found with online learning.  One of the most obvious is that since you’re not working directly in a classroom setting, your mind will have to be really operating at its peak for the best results.

There are numerous tools available today that online students can utilize to sharpen their brains and keep them working properly.  The more you use your brain, the better it will function.  Here are the top seven brain sharpening tools worth using.

  1. Lumosity (Staff Favorite!!!) – This is the gold standard of brain sharpening, really.  The site offers games and exercises designed to work all parts of your brain including the memory, flexibility, problem solving skills, attention, and speed.  A free trial is available and with regular use you’ll notice a significant boost in your overall brain function.  It’s the best for a reason, and once you use it you’ll see just why that is.
  2. – This site offers memory and quiz style games as well as some other brain games that can have a huge impact on your brain’s overall performance.  It’s a popular site, though it lacks some of the depth that Lumosity can offer.
  3. Neuronation – NeuroNation brain training exercises aim to improve your working memory, which is your ability to process information quickly
  4. – Along with the usual brain training exercises, this provides great programs that also include things like optical illusions to help challenge your perceptions on the world around you.
  5. Chessmaster – The most successful home chess program in history is still going strong, and with good reason.  This computer program can usually be purchased for less than ten bucks and gives you the most advanced chess simulation available.  It’s perfect for building your skills at chess as well as improving overall brain function.  Plus, you can play with friends as well as against the computer.
  6. Cognifit – This system actually allows you to assess your overall memory, cognitive skills, and brain performance and then start working on various problems designed to improve it.  It’s a great way to take advantage of what technology offers.
  7. Brain Age – This one is the one most people are familiar with.  The game is released by Nintendo for their Nintendo DS systems, and while it provides a deep, fun option for improving brain function on the go, the fact that you have to own the system is a drawback.  Plus, most of today’s tablets and mobile phones have similar programs.  Still, this is a classic that deserves its place on this list.

Your body needs exercise to keep working at its best, and so does your mind.  Any of these seven options are excellent choices when you’re looking for a way to really enhance your ability to think, reason, and perform.  It can give your online education a big boost, not to mention the fact that some of the exercises are actually a lot of fun.  Simply put, don’t overlook what each of the options can offer.